Monday, January 10, 2011

I've not been blogging much these past few weeks during the holidays and I've noticed that some others whose blogs I follow haven't been either, for whatever reason.

But with the coming of the new year, we have begun to come back to our blogs and begin posting again. Yayyyyy!!!

I could hardly believe how good it was to see that this one or that one had posted, as it showed up on my blog reader!!! And I rushed "right over" to read your posts and comment!

Now, the amazing thing about this is that we've never met in "real" life but I have come to love you dear ladies as my friends!!! I have! Amazing, I know, but I'm thinkin' that you all feel the same way, hm? *little smile*

It especially means so much to me because I am at home ALOT, especially now that I am caring for little Jaylon and also because it is winter.

AND though I am a bit reluctant to admit this, I struggle some with the "blues" this time of year. You know, the dreary, cold weeks between January and the first signs of spring in March. The walls can kind of close in a bit sometimes.
AND it hasn't helped that last week I was sick with the stomach flu for a couple of days. I am fine now but thankfully Erin was able to come home and get Jaylon on the worst day. And now the little guy is here this morning and he is sick with vomitting and a low-grade fever but he is sleeping at the present time. Poor little thing......but he doesn't cry or fuss. He just vomits and is kind of limp and just lets grandma (me *smile*) clean him up.

I got all of the Christmas decorations down and stored away last Monday and Tuesday but now the house looks kind of drab...*sigh* I am trying to "spruce" it up some.

I've been experimenting with rearranging the living room to make room for a "big boy" bed for Jaylon but I don't like the present arrangement, though the hubs does. :-/

Believe it or not, I had whined to him about not liking the new arrangement and he said that he really did like it. (drat.) *grin* So I thought.......I'll give it a couple of more days to see if it grows on me. :-) But then he turns around and says......"Babe, go ahead and change it back if you want." What's a woman to do? :-)

Sooooo, I got to thinking......:-).......we seldom go into the den anymore. It used to be Daniel's bedroom. We could turn THAT room into Jaylon's room! But then I think of all that that would entail. Am I really ready to do all of this?

One REALLY big positive about doing this is that I could put all of Jaylon's toys and things in one room AND I could reclaim MY room up front which has been overrun by toys. MY room is supposed to be for my keyboard, desk and sewing/craft stuff. Not that I sew or craft much BUT at least I would have a designated place for it if I should choose to do so! :-)

AND what furniture to keep and not to keep. What to put where. Decisions, decisions. A bit overwhelming to even think about this morning. So, I won't, 'cause I have a sick little guy to hold and take care of today and love and hold and take care of.

In closing......we took Jaylon out to Lake Logan a few days ago to see the ducks, geese and swans and found them all gathered around one opening in the ice. Alot of people feed them and we are not exception. :-) They weren't paying much attention to us until I started tossing some pieces of bread out onto the ice and slowly they started making their way to us AND those big geese an swans were not in the least shy, let me tell ya! you can see in some of these pictures! I will be posting NO pictures as my internet is unbearably slow this morning! I'll post them tonight from the library!

Have a blessed and peaceful Monday!!! We are expecting 3-6"of snow sometime between this evening and tomorrow evening. I love the snow though there are so many who have the chore of having to drive in to work but, for me, it does make winter more bearable and it makes everything look so pretty! :-)


Joyce said...

We're supposed to get the snow on Tuesday night into Wednesday. I'm disappointed because I was supposed to be going in to the city on Wed to see Dr. Oz and I'm sure we'll have to cancel. They are calling for a foot. I like it but the timing stinks.

Mary said...

So sorry Jaylon is sick. Poor little guy. Like the new background! We got around 4-5 inches last night, and are suppose to get another 1-2 tonight. Not tired of the snow yet! :D