Monday, January 24, 2011

Monday, Monday.....

I'm having computer problems. Somehow I got a virus on my computer and it is not going to be an easy fix, sooooo I am probably going to just look into getting a new computer. *sigh* Thankfully, I have all of my pictures saved on disc.
You know, I heard of this program that saves all of your computer info online and I think it is only about $50/year. I am seriously going to look into because that would surely be easier than saving everything to a disc.
Anywayyyy....I am typing this at the library, so I have to make it quick! :-)

Below are some random pictures I've taken:

This was the view out my kitchen window on several different occasions this month! :-) It's beautiful but I am looking forward to spring!

I looked out the front door Saturday morning and saw the sun peaking over the hill onto the snow and snapped this!

AND here's Jaylon looking all big and grown-up looking through a folder of kitty pictures I made for him. He loves kitties and can go through the pictures by clicking on the right arrow! :-)

AND this is the two watches I told you all about in last week's Hodgepodge. See how similar they are? I bought myself one of them and my sister Debbie bought me the other one! :-)

Hope you all are having a wonderful January!!! God Bless!!


Mary said...

Beautiful pictures! I was just thinking that I need to back up my pictures, but I don't remember which ones I've backed up and which ones I haven't!

Andrea said...

Great pictures! Great minds think the watches!

Joyce said...

It is snowing here again this morning...I thought it wasn't supposed to start until after midnite tonite. ugh. I"m tired of the cold...the snow is still beautiful but I am not anxious to drive in it today.

Barbara H. said...

We haven't had that much snow, but I am ready for spring, too!

I didn't know you could upload pictures online using a library computer.

Jaylon does look grown-up there! It's amazing how quickly they learn technology.

Jewel said...

Hi girls!!! I am at Daniel and Erin's using their computer at the present time.
Barbara....I just take my memory card and use an adapter I bought at Walmart, plug into the port on the library computer and upload. I could also just plug in my camera if I wanted to do that! At least, our library lets you do this.

Theresa said...

Some of our pictures are on discs, but most of them,also, live on our phones. Thank God for memory cards!

I love watching Eva at our computer. She's so fascinated by every little thing!