Saturday, December 31, 2011

Here I am holding my newest little bundle of joy....Jaxon Nathaniel! He is the most precious little thing. Already, he's making little baby sounds and looking around.

I had to stop by today and give him hugs and kisses and also, hug and kiss on Jay, though he needs some persuasion nowadays because he is on the move! AND he has better "boy" things to be doing than hugging and kissing on grandma!

And here's little Jaxon sacked out on a pillow. Erin says he loves to lay like this! :-)

When we were going to the hospital to see Erin, Daniel and little Jaxon, Jaylon just loved all of the Christmas trees at the hospital and had to have his picture taken with them:

When he was younger, he didn't like having his picture taken but now he has gotten to be a "poser". :-) Not that his grandma minds one bit! :-)

Well, this grandma is going to take a shower and tuck myself into bed. I'll not be staying up to see the new year in, so may I now wish you a blessed new year!!! Good night!!


Sweet Tea said...

You are blessed to have these sweet little ones in your life. Jaylon is becoming quite the camer "hawg". Too cute!!

Angie said...

I'm living vicariously. Can't wait to be a grandma, but am willing to wait for my daughter & son-in-law to get school done. Sigh.

Those boys are scrumptious! Love reading about the joy of grandmothering. You share it well!

Mary said...

What sweet little angels you have!
Happy New Year!

Joyce said...

What adorable little grandboys you have...enjoy them in this new year!

MotherT said...

The boys are so adorable! Hopefully, Erin is starting to feel better now, although, those first months with the crazy feeding hours can do a number on a mommy.

Stephani said...

Sweeties! Hope you have been doing well! How can you not be with those cuties around?