Monday, June 20, 2011

In my neck of the woods.....

Below, for your viewing pleasure, is some of what has been going on in my little valley the past few days and weeks. :-)
We didn't have Jaylon the past couple of days because he has been sick....kind of (I'll explain later.) it was wonderful! to have him come this morning AND has he ever been one busy little guy since arriving! Wow! He's playing with most of his toys, played basketball with Papa in his room, read books with moi', watched a little Thomas the Train and is now watching Tigger and Pooh with Papa and barely managing to sit still. Well, actually, he doesn't sit still.....hardly ever! :-)

Below is a picture of Jaylon and Papa "fixing" eggs for breakfast one morning. :-)

The next four photos are of us as we walked through Ash Cave, (okay, I'm resting....but I DID walk, too LOL) a beautiful state park in our area. Jaylon just looooves to be outside exploring and walking! AND it sure helps to keep me and Papa in shape!

These next two are of Jaylon sitting and sometimes bouncing on Papa's legs as they watch Tigger and Pooh! :-)

And here is the boy all snuggled in, in "his room/used to be his dad's/kinda our den" watching Tigger and Pooh or Thomas. :-)

Outside my kitchen window is a beeeeyoootiful hanging basket that I got for just $6.88 at Carnival in Lancaster. They had beautiful hanging baskets of all sorts for that fantastic price!!!
This particular one looks like a miniature petunia but isn't. I can't remember the name of it but I looooove how pretty it is outside my window!

A young soldier from our area was killed in action two weeks ago in Afghanistan. He was one of five soldiers killed in an attack.

Spc. Robert Hartwick was brought home to Logan, Ohio on Wednesday, June 15. Many people lined the streets of Logan, as he was brought from Rickenbacher Air Base to Heinlein Brown Funeral Home.

It was such a moving sight to see so many honor this fallen soldier. Ed, Jaylon, and I waited for his return, along with many others from our communtiy. It was a privilege.

On the day of his funeral, Westboro Baptist Church was supposed to come and protest, but was stopped from doing so by someone slashing the tires of their vehicles which were parked at the hotel where they were staying..

Now I'm not a proponent of such things, but I am thankful that they were not at this young man's funeral, spewing their hateful, misguided protests.

I am thankful for all of those who showed up to honor this young man's service to our country!

And, lastly, below is a picture of a slice of Peach Dream Pie that I made for my wonderful husband on Fathers Day! I asked him what he wanted and he said a couple of grilled sirloin burgers (I didn't get a picture of those, though I did make them and they were to-die-for!) and a yellow cake with chocolate icing (his favorite)but in leiu of the cake, I made him the pie! :-) I think he has one piece left to devour eat! :-)

I have a couple of things that I really feel the need to blog about......Summer's death and Jaylon being "sick".....and I've mentioned them here so I will not forget what they are!

We are having absolutely gorgeous weather here, except for the pop-up storms which can get pretty violent. But the temperatures have been in the 70's and the humidity has been nil.

I'm praying for the dear people in Minot, N.D. and those in the West dealing with the horrendous fires.

I hope you are well in your part of our wonderful country and in your part of the world!


Joyce said...

I just do not get protests at a soldiers funeral!!! At all!!

How do you make the dream pie? It looks yummy! Hope your little boy is okay.

Jewel said...

I dont' get it either, all. And little Jaylon is fine as can be after alot of hassle!
The dream pie is so simple. I'll email it to you!!

Mary said...

"Those people" were suppose to go to a nearby county and protest funerals for some high school cheerleaders who were in a car accident. The county is very rural (aka "backwards", "redneck"), so I feel pretty sure somebody told them they'd better stay away or risk being shot.
Except for the peaches, that pie looks excellent!
Jaylon looks like he has such a good time with y'all!

MotherT said...

Love all of the pictures! I keep hoping that Ross and I will get some time to come see you & Ed soon.

Barbara H. said...

I just cannot fathom those funeral protestors. Of all the insensitive, unfeeling things to do. I'm glad they didn't make it to this one.