Wednesday, July 27, 2011

I don't believe I've ever gone a MONTH without posting to my blog since I started blogging and it's not going to happen now either! I just have to get a grip on my time and life! Sheesh!

High-speed internet is now available to us through Frontier(formerly Verizon). We can get a bundle with telephone, internet and DirecTV combined, which we are planning to do once I get signed up for it. I endeavored to do so about a week ago but could not complete the process because of a problem with my browser. Probably the dialup. So, I am going to sign up at the library or at Daniel and Erin's.

I don't mean to whine but I just kind of dread switching everything, meaning specifically the TV. It always seems to be such a hassle but hopefully it won't be as bad as I am imagining it to be. :-)

BUT because of having dial-up, I have almost foregone using the internet at all because it is so time-consuming.

Anywayyyy....enough of all that and my whining and I am just going to DO IT!! This weekend!!
Jaylon is growing by leaps and bounds AND he is talking alot more!! Yayyyyyy!!! (for now anyway! LOL)

Yesterday afternoon, I got him ready to take a nap and he told me: "No nap...No nap". He didn't say it "brattily" or anything, just very simply, "No nap".

Uh, yes. Nap. If not for you, then for grandma!!! Oh, how I love those afternoon naps! How I NEED those afternoon naps!


So, we had another "first" last week. We took Jaylon to Burger King and he wanted to go into the play center.

WELLLLL....he couldn't go by himself.

AND, Lord knows Grandma couldn't go up in there with him. SOOOOOOO, that left one person to go with him. you can see....that person, AKA, Grandpa is kinda tall and could only go so far. BUT how hilarious it was to see him TRY. :-) Bless his heart. LOL

Thankfully, a lovely little girl, Olivia, came in shortly after Grandpa exited and she said she would climb upward and onward with Jaylon and her mother said it was alright with her.

Jaylon was fine climbing UP but he didn't want to crawl across this strappy bridge thingy to get into the car at one end or the helicopter at the other but he did do the slide and climbed up both of the towers AND I do think he took a fancy to Olivia. :-) She was a sweetheart.

Looking back over the month and endeavoring to catch up here on my blog.....we had a nice July 4th weekend.

Daniel and Ed we "whole hog" on the fireworks this year. I mean, when Daniel was still home we always set of a few but they decided to "go big" this year. They were great! We called some of the neighbors and they even sat out in their yards and watched them!!!

We smoked up this valley, let me tell ya and talk about mosquito control! There couldn't have been one left alive when they got done!! :-)

The only negative was that little Jaylon didn't like them at all, so Ed and I took turns taking him to the house and watching from the window in the den.

Other than our fireworks here, we didn't see any others, although we could HEAR the ones being set off at the July 4th celebration in Logan! :-) We laid in bed reading, while listening to them! :-)


We had our annual church picnic on July 3rd, Sunday evening. While I always look forward to the picnic, I have to tell you that I just didn't enjoy it so much this year because it was sooooo hot and there wasn't a breeze to be found blowing!

The food was great. The fellowship was wonderful. BUT the heat was unbearable. I could hardly wait to get home, shower and just go to bed.

I know...I am such a wimp! I don't care. I am what I am.

One very big reason is that I SWEAT! Buckets!! None of this dainty perspiration stuff for me. Oh no. I should be so lucky. My hair gets soaked. Drops of sweat fall from my forehead into my eyes, onto my glasses. AND this happens even without much physical exertion. You can imagine what I'm like if I actually get very physical doing anything. I'm soaked through and through, that's what I am!

So, as you can imagine, I parked myself in my trusty lawnchair, nibbled on some food....amazingly, the heat even kept me from eating very much....... and I guzzled sipped on several beverages during the course of the evening.

My pastor's wife tried to get me to play lawn darts. Uh, no.

How about cornhole? Uh, no.

How about.....uh, no. Bless her heart. She finally gave up and some other ladies decided to play and I didn't see any of them "sweating". I think they all belong to the "daintily perspiring" club. *sigh*

Anywayyyy.....I was so glad when we had been there long enough to say, "Oh, it's been so much fun! We've had such a good time!" and we got out of there into our air-conditioned car on our way to our air-conditioned home!!! (Don't I sound terrible!?!?! But I'm just been totally honest here. :-/)

Oh, but I did fix a lusicous dessert for the picnic! It was a strawberry-blueberry patriotic trifle. It was so pretty and delicious! This is a picture of it from Taste of Home's website but mine didn't look nearly that neat or pretty. I don't know how they got the strawberries to look like that and to be so neat but still mine was okay.

Well, that is all for now but it is good to blog once again! I pray you are all doing well. I will endeavor to get around to your blogs and catch up!!!


Joyce said...

Hi Jewel!! So glad to see you back here and hope its cooled off there for you. That trifle looks delicioius! Hope you get your high speed sorted soon-it will make life so much simpler. Welcome back!

MotherT said...

The pics of Ed in the climbing toy brings back memories of Ross doing the same thing to try to get one of the grandkids out. I laughed hysterically!

It's good to "hear" from you again. I figured that life had just gotten so busy with Jaylon that you didn't have time & energy left to blog.

Barbara H. said...

I hope the transition goes ok -- it will be worth it in the long run but I know it is a headache to change.

I totally understand about sweating. I sweat easily and my face gets so red it looks like I am going to blow a gasket. Embarrassing!

Since we're new to this area we didn't know how the neighborhoods were about fireworks, so we didn't get any personally and went to watch some in a nearby town. When we got back, our cul-de-sac was littered with all kinds of firework debris. I'm sorry we missed the opportunity to get together and watch! One neighbor did come out and clean up everything the next day, thankfully.