Tuesday, August 03, 2010

Tuesday Tidbits!

My dear husband is now toothless! He had his upper teeth....the ones he had left.....extracted (that's a fancy word for PULLED) last Tuesday and today he had the remaining lower ones removed/extracted. The poor guy.....he has needed to have this done for so long and has suffered with his teeth through the years, having one pulled when it really got bad, and just toughing it out.
He is doing well and isn't in any pain or anything. He is a trooper! He will have to wait for about 12-13 weeks before being fitted for dentures.


Jaylon is now saying "Mama, okay, go, JESUS! :-), Dada, Pawpaw (which is what he calls both Pawpaw and Grandpa), dog, cat, pop, pow"......I think that is about it but it seems he is saying a new word pretty often and easily! I have a video of him saying "Jesus", that I will have to upload when I am at the library sometime!!


And while Ed has had all of his teeth pulled, I went to the dentist last week to have mine cleaned and she said that my teeth are in great shape! Thank you, Jesus! I had been having some pain with two or three of them but the hygenist said she thought the cleaning would take care of the sensitivity and pain and it has!!


I don't know if it is attributable to the heat and humidity or not but I just feel so tired most of the time! I went for my 4-month checkup last week and Dr. Keller said I am doing great. Just get some extra rest. Okay....*yawn*.

Well, I did go to church camp two nights last week and didn't get to bed until after midnight and was up at the usual 5:30am, getting ready for the boy to arrive, but still, those late nights knocked me for a loop!


My sister, Debbie, the one who moved to Lancaster just 3 or 4 months ago, after having lived in Hocking County all of her life, has now moved back to Hocking County and is living with her oldest son, who is single. She just felt kind of displaced and wanted to be back in good ole Logan, Ohio! :-)


I've lost 9lbs. in the past 2 1/2 weeks. I'm doing Advocare, as my nephew and some friends recommended it and while it is a bit expensive to get started, I just needed a good jumpstart and I do believe this is doing it!! I'll tell ya more later!


Where has summer gone?!? School starts in a couple of weeks!!! Egads!!!


I loooooove Project Runway!!! The first episode was last Thursday night! Now, I don't claim to know all there is to know about fashion design, BUT I LIKED the dress of the lady that was eliminated!!! AND I felt that there were two other designers....both men...who should have definitely been eliminated instead!! (It's too early for me to be remembering their names, just yet! ) BUT I will still be watching again this week!


Also, I looooove Design Star on HGTV BUT I think Vern Yip is just sometimes very rude to those poor contestants!!! Be nice, Vern!!! Sheesh!!! AND I didn't really care for either one of those kitchens, personally!!! But then, what do I know about interior design except what I like and don't like? :-)


AND a show that I DO love is Selling New York on HGTV!!!

I loooove NYC and I loooooove seeing how other people live!!! Especially in NYC!! Now, I wouldn't want to live there but I've always thought that I would like to go and spend a couple of weeks with a person or family that lives in NYC just to experience it, their way of life. Then they could come and spend some time with me and Ed in our little valley. They would probably go stark raving mad!!! :-)


I just LOOOOVE all of the fresh vegetables of summer!!! Especially the tomatoes! We have our own tomatoes this year and they are luscious!!! We always have cabbages coming on, green peppers and yellow banana peppers.


Well, that is about all my weary brain will allow for tonight, so I am taking myself tired self off to bed!!!

Stay cool, wherever you may be!!! :-)


Barbara H. said...

Poor Ed. I know how it feels to have one pulled-- I can't imagine so many at once!

I can't do too many short nights, either, without suffering the consequences.

Stace said...

Owww poor Ed! I really need to see a dentist, I have so many holes and aches... haha oh well. Good for him for taking the plunge. ;)

Congratulations on the weight loss, that's wonderful. And hard!!

Theresa said...

I love your randomness! Thanks for the updates on your life.

I understand the fun of "grandbaby talk"! Eva is coming up with lots of new words, too. However, her favorite right now is "now". She'll point at something she wants and say "Now!" quite emphatically. I have to work hard at not smiling and remind her to say "Please".

Mary said...

Hope Ed is feeling better...there's nothing worse than having your teeth hurt.
I missed Project Runway the other night...I didn't realize it had started!
I LOVE the House Hunter shows, especially the International one. I'd just love to know what all those people do who are looking for 2nd homes that cost half a mil!

Tammy said...

I'm praying for Ed. I totally understand the getting your teeth "extracted". Glad he is doing so well. And...good job on the weight loss. My mother in law used to sell Advocare, and although I never did it myself, she took it & did really well. It's supposed to be very healthy. Have a wonderful day. God Bless. Tammy

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I'm such a baby when it comes to pulling teeth. Keeping Ed in prayer.

I found your weight, if you want it back, you can have it.(you did lose it, didn't you?)

Joyce said...

aww, hope your hubs is feeling better. I dislike anything associated with the dentist. I have an appt. on Friday the 13th : ) Just a cleaning but I get so tense. I'm trying a new dentist a friend recommended and she absolutely loves him so here's hoping.

Nel said...

Prayers are with Ed. Jeesh, I hate the dentist!
I know you were beaming when Jaylon learned how to say Jesus. So cool!
I picked up my award, again Thanks, and I mentioned you on mine.
until next time... nel

Teresa Dawn said...

Ouch on the teeth thing... great job on the 9 lbs!

Candace said...

Jewel, It's always so nice when you stop by and say hello! Thank you for your sweet comments. They always bless my heart! I do pray that everything goes well for your husband and his teeth. I caught up on Design Star today and agree...Vern is tough! Congrats on the 9 lbs! Go Jaylon! Hope your weekend is happy, Candace

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

9 lbs?!?! AWESOME!!!

I am watching Project Runway, of course! I have to say I haven't agreed with the winning outfit both weeks and I am with you on the first outfit "loser". Not too sure about these judges so far this season?? But, the designers seem very talented!!

Mrs. NB