Tuesday, August 17, 2010


No humidity! Lower temperatures! A breeze! Finally, a bit of a reprieve from the heat! At least for today and tomorrow. Then it is back in the nineties and humidity through the roof for the weekend. *sigh*

I'm enjoying it while I can! I think September is just teasing us. :-)
My sister Debbie gets Meals on Wheels. They move so fast that she has trouble eating them....No, no....LOL...I'm sorry....that is what ED says about them. Only he says something like "Those Meals on Wheels are pretty good but I just can't eat that fast."

At first, I didn't get it but it eventually came to me. *groan*

Anywayyyy.....Debbie gets Meals on Wheels and sometimes she just doesn't eat breakfast and two meals a day, so she passes a few meals on to me as she doesn't have alot of freezer space.

So, I was wanting something to eat this morning.....I eat anything at any time of day....and I saw that there was a roast beef, dressing, mashed potatoes and gravy and vegetable dinner. So, I commenced to heating it up in the micro.

Well, once it was all done, I removed the cover and it came to me that Ed could probably eat this meal and it surely did look and smell delicious. The meat was really tender and he DID just get all of his teeth pulled so he can't just eat anything he pleases.

Sooooo, I covered the meal up and saved it for him. Yes, I did.

He came in the house a little while later from doing weedwacking all around the yard. After he got cleaned up and all settled in, he said he was hungry and I told him about the meal.

He just couldn't believe that I had saved that meal for him. (He knows how I am about food. *grin*) He told me he would love me forever as he delved into the mashed potatoes and gravy. *sigh* That's nice. :-) Just kidding. And it was easy for him to gum...er, uh...I mean, eat.

I did actually feel better in giving him the meal than I would have had I eaten it myself. Imagine that. :-)
We went to the Cavinee family reunion Sunday.

Of course, Ed and his sisters had a fun time laughing and carrying on.

And then the brothers-in-law and Ed's brother, Leroy, joined in.

He has another sister, Ruth,who lives in Georgia and could not attend. Also, he has a sister, Mary Lou and two brothers, Robert and Paul, who have passed away.

It was so nice to meet more of Ed's extended family...aunts, uncles, cousins, second-cousins and so on.

Jaylon got a cute little stuffed doggie for being the youngest Cavinee in attendance!! But I think this happy young couple will probably have the winner of THAT award with them next year!

This is Ashley and Justin, Ed's nephew and his sweet wife. They are expecting their first child next April and announced it at the reunion Sunday!! We are all so happy for them!!!

Ashley and Justin live in homeplace, where Ed and his siblings were born and raised. Ed's dad built the house and added to it through the years. Ashley and Justin have remodeled quite a bit but they haven't changed the outside so much that it doesn't still look like the same house. I'm happy that they are living there and that the home is staying in the family, just as my parent's home is still in the family with my brother Bill and his wife Sandy living there.

Back to the reunion. :-) It was pretty hot Sunday afternoon but thankfully, a breeze was blowing occasionally.

We stayed for about three hours and then bid everyone goodbye, promising to come again next year. Ed did a group hug with his sisters. :-)

Daniel, Erin, and little Jaylon came to the reunion, too, and when little Jaylon saw me....I was eating....he just came running to me with his little arms open. Melted my heart.

So I gathered him up on my lap and we commenced to eating fried chicken and easy cheesey potaotes and broccoli and rice casserole.

Have I told you all how much I love this little guy? Oh my......

After eating, Jaylon and I walked over to the swings and I pushed him way up high in the little toddler swing and he just laughed and jabbered.

But by the time it was time to leave, he was fussy and tired and hot....poor little guy......and so was grandma. Well, I wasn't fussy but, boy, was I worn out from the heat and all. And I had been up since my usual getting up time of 5:30am, fixed food, went to church, came home and helped Ed load the car.

We got home at about 5 o'clock and I put things away, showered and finally just laid down on my bed and slept soundly for two hours.
Well, Jaylon is napping as I type this, so I am going to and rest a bit before he wakes up all raring to go.....again! :-)

Thanks to my dear blogging friends for stopping by my blog so faithfully and leaving comments. I visit your blogs as often as I can, not always leaving comments, but doing so if I have the time.

I find myself talking to Ed about each of you sometimes, perhaps about something that's going on in your life that you've blogged about or something you've done, and I always have to remember to tell him that you are one of my blogging friends. He thinks it is pretty neat that we've become friends even though we haven't met in real life. Technology is wonderful, hm? :-)

Hope you are having a blessed day wherever you are, my friends!!! :-)


Joyce said...

We got a break from the humidity over the weekend but its back now. I love summer and I like hot weather but I'm ready for some fall temps. Especially this coming weekend when I will be helping my daughter move into her apt. Hubs is staying here because he needs to be in his office so it will be just me and my 90 pound daughter. Oh, and there are steps. Lots of steps. : )

The reunion sounds fun and the meal sounds delicious!

Barbara H. said...

Roast beef and mashed potatoes are one of my favorite meals. That was sweet of you to save it for Ed.

The reunion sounds fun! I wish either side of my folks' families had kept up with theirs, but they seemed to fade away after the siblings of my parents started to pass on. We'll just have to start a new tradition with our kids. :-)

I love the idea of a home that stays in the family through generations.

I think it is neat, too, that I have dear friends like you due to technology that I have never met in real life.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I've always wondered what to do with the wheels after you've eaten the meals on them. Are they also edible?

Teresa Dawn said...

We finally had a cooler day today too! Soooo nice!!!

Mary said...

No humidity...that's just a dream around here! Can't wait for cooler weather!