Sunday, August 22, 2010

Talk about randomness!! :-)

I don't know if I have EVER been this random before, but here goes!

This is a picture of Daniel that Erin took at the Cavinee reunion a couple of weeks ago. I just looooove this picture of Daniel, probably because he is smiling so hugely and "relaxedly". Can you tell I love him just an eensy bit? :-)

And here is a picture of a DEAD horsefly! Now, you may be wondering WHY in the world I took a picture of it BUT, you see, we have been inundated with horse flies this summer! Our neighbor has horses, so I'm sure that has something to do with it but I did hear on the news that there has been an inordinate number of horseflies this year.

Anywayyyyy.....Rocky, our trusty black lab, kills them! It is so funny!!! He chases this and snaps at them until he nails, a.k.a kills them. I think he eats them sometimes, too. Oh, and he also kills and eats bees, which reminds me of this saying that Ed says, "He was grinnin' like a dog eatin' yellow jackets!" LOL Sounds like somethin' he may have heard over in Perry County when he lived there! :-)

About a month ago, we attended the dedication of Bethany (my niece) and Drew's little Hayley, my great-niece, who is the newest addition to the family! She is sooooo adorably cute!!! Love the pink bow!!!
Pastor Sheets, Bethany and Drew's pastor, said somethng during the dedication ceremony that I don't believe I have heard before but he turned to the family members gathered around Bethany, Drew, and little Hayley and asked us to take a vow: "And to the grandparents, brothers and sisters, aunts and uncles....I ask you to make a solemn vow, that should something happen to Bethany and Drew, be it death or sickness, that you will do your part in making sure that Hayley and Nathen are brought up to know the Lord, to love Him and to love His word." It was a beautiful dedication ceremony!

This is a picture of Jaylon swinging at the Cavinee reunion. That's grandpa in the back! Jaylon will swing as long as someone is willing to push him and he usually....*gasp*.....has a bit of a fit when he has to get out! :-)

Oh, and the picture below is just some random humor. I received this in an email and thought it was so funny. Not because it is referring to President Obama, necessarily, but because I do grow weary of hearing the lot of them, the politicians, just going on and on and saying what they think their constituents want to hear...blah, blah, blah, blah, blah.

AND a picture of my two favorite guys sharing a high-five at Easton! How cute!! :-)
And I just had to include this pic of Daniel mopping the kitchen floor at his house. Erin thought it was so funny that he was standing on a towel while doing it but he didn't want to track his clean floor. :-) (Did his mama raise him right or what? LOL)

And, lastly, but not leastly, my two favorite guys sharing a sweet kiss. Awwww....I could just hug them both to pieces!!

I've been dealing with being tired and feeling a little blue, for some reason, and the blues and being tired don't go very well together, so I'm heading to bed early tonight, hoping to feel more peppy tomorrow. :-)
I sometimes think I just expect too much of myself after a day of taking care of a toddler....a 12-hour day.....I mean, I SHOULD be tired, right?
I just remember the days when I could work a job all day and then go all night and get up and start all over again.
Which reminds me of an old song..."Those were the days, my friend, we thought they'd never end...."
Oh, they've ended, all right. Never to be seen again. :-) *yawn* *groan* LOL
AND there is a full moon. I've oftened wondered if that really does affect how a person feels. Hmmmm....what do you all think?

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Barbara H. said...

Great pictures!

What a sweet baby! Well, both of them.

I don't put much stock in full moon stories, though, I guess if it pull the tides in and out it might have some effect on us.

Hope you're feeling better today. I know I could not take care of a little one several hours a day.