Monday, August 30, 2010

Monday Randomness

Where do the days go?? My, but time does fly by!!!

Jaylon has had poison ivy. It started out on his back and started spreading all over his little body, so Erin made an appt. and I took him to his pediatrician last Wednesday and he prescribed prednisone...2 tsps. a day for five days. He said Jaylon may experience mood swings and an increase in appetite.

Well, the little guy surely did experience the mood swings. Daniel brought him over Friday afternoon and little Jaylon just didn't act like himself at all. I felt so badly for him. He was grumpy and didn't want me to hold him and then he did and then he didn't and then he would just stand and stare off into space.

That evening, Daniel, Jaylon, Ed and I went to the Logan Chieftains football game and I wondered if we should have even tried to take Jaylon. Well, he had fun in spurts but mostly he was just fussy and discontent, where normally he would just be happy-go-lucky and friendly with everyone around him and having a ball. But Erin had been home sick for two days with of a bad cold and we didn't want to burden her with him. All in all, we had a good time, as did Jaylon, even if Logan did lose to Lancaster. *sigh* :-) I still enjoyed the bands,cheerleaders and seeing so many people that I know! :-) And we sat with my oldest brother Bill, and his family, which we always enjoy! :-)

I didn't get too involved in anything Thursday, even though I didn't have little Jaylon. He was home with mommy. I wanted to be available in case Erin needed me to take care of Jaylon, if she got to feeling too badly. She went into work late on Wednesday morning because she felt so rough but just couldn't do it on Thursday. The poor girl was so sick for about three days. Thankfully, she is all better this week!

Friday, I painted half of the back porch and really got alot accomplished here at home. Erin was still sick but Daniel was home with her and Jaylon as it was his Friday off.

Anywayyyy....I got alot done here at home and at about three in the afternoon, I drove up to Jack's Steak House and had a late lunch, all by myself, sat there reading the daily paper, sipping on my Diet Pepsi. It was so relaxing.

Afterward, I cleaned the church for the week, and on my way home, I washed my car! :-)

I didn't know if I would feel up to going to the football game that evening, but amazingly, I did!

On Saturday, we shopped for groceries and then in the afternoon we attended the wedding of a young lady who was in our youth group a few years back. It was a beautiful wedding and, again, it was good to see so many familiar faces and have the opportunity to catch up with those I haven't seen for awhile.

This is Lebreeska and her dad as they entered the sanctuary. She was a beautiful bride. Before her dad gave her away, they played a slideshow of pictures of just Lebreeska and her dad that were taken all through her growing up years and the song, "I Loved Her First", played during the presentation. Let me tell ya....I was wiping tears through the whole thing.

On Sunday, of course, we went to church in the morning and for the evening service, as it was a 5th Sunday, we had a singspiration. We invited New Straitsville church to join us and after the service and singing, we enjoyed pizza and fellowship. It was so much fun and the singing was wonderful and so annointed. I think it is the best singspiration we've ever had!

We came home afterward and I showered and went straight to bed. I was sooo tired.

I was wondering how Jaylon would be today because of possible lingering effects of the steroids but he was almost back to his old happy self! Thank you, Jesus! He did sleep later than usual, though. Well, he woke up when Ed brought him over at 6:30 and then went back to sleep shortly after 7....on the floor:

He fell asleep in my arms and I held him for about 20 minutes but he woke up just enough slip down onto the floor, stretch out and go back to sleep. He woke up at around 8:45am.

It is hot, hot, hot in Ohio this week. In the 90's all week. Hazy, Hot and Humid!! Yuck!! And it had been so nice last week.....a touch of September, just to tease us. *sigh*

AND can you believe it IS nearly September?!??! Again....where does the time go!?!?! Next weekend is Labor Day, then our county fair, Sept. will be half over, then the Lancaster fair, the Pumpkin Show, the Apple Festival, Ed's birthday, then it's November!

Oh, and it is now less than 4 months until Christmas! :-) I don't get too anxious about Christmas as we celebrate very simply, so I don't feel alot of pressure and so on, thankfully. I look forward to Thanksgiving so much more than Christmas.

Well, I am going to post this and then take myself off to bed! Hope your week is off to a wonderful start!! :-)


Theresa said...

Don't forget that this is the week the Millersport Sweetcorn Festival starts! Bring Ed by to get an ear of corn cooked by some of your favorite people.

Jewel said...

Oh, thanks for the reminder, Theresa! We'll be in Lancaster at New Life for my brother and sister-in-law's 40th wedding anniversary celebration, so hopefully we can just drive on up later! That would be fun!! :-)

Joyce said...

Poison Ivy is miserable! I do love how kids can just lie down anywhere and sleep.

I like your new button : )

Barbara H. said...

Glad Jaylon's feeling better! And Erin!

You had a great week.

I don't know why I have always felt self-conscious about eating alone in a restaurant. Often if I'm alone I just get take-out and eat it alone.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Poor Jaylon! Those pictures of him asleep on the floor just break my heart. So glad he if feeling better.

Mrs. Nurse Boy