Saturday, August 07, 2010

Our little homeboy!!

Okay, I know that I post ALOT of pictures of Jaylon, the grandson. BUT he IS here with us Monday through Thursday from 6:30am until 6:00pm and occasionally for a few hours during the weekend. Soooo, he is kind of like my life, my world, for those four days! AND a grandma can NEVER have enough pictures of her grandchild/children!!! I mean, how many is ENOUGH?? :-)

I bought him a big bag of giant legos a few months ago, but he just wasn't very interested in them until about a week or two ago and as you can see in the pictures below, he loooooves them AND he especially loves them when grandpa plays with him with them. :-) They have such a time!!!

Most of the time, Jaylon brings his books to me to read to him but this particular time, in the picture below, he allowed Grandpa to read his book to him. Grandpa changes words and skips pages and somehow gets away with it, too. Go figure. :-)

I had fixed breakfast for Jaylon this particular morning but he just had to sit on Grandpa's knee and eat breakfast with him, which Grandpa didn't mind one iota! :-) It just tasted better coming off of Grandpa's plate!

I stepped out the front door one morning this week and, as usual, looked up at the sky and it was sooooo beautiful, I HAD to take a picture! I believe this was taken on July 28th or 29th.
Oh, and disregard the dates on these photos. I don't always set the date and time and have not figured out how to just take the date off! Grrrr!! I've tried everything. I probably just need to hand my camera off to a six-year-old and let THEM do it for me. *sigh* :-/ How do they do that?

Below is a picture of Jaylon all vegged-out watching Tigger and Pooh, his favorite!!! It's the only thing he likes to watch on TV, which is fine with me as we don't want him watching alot of TV. Oh, and he likes The Price Is Right, which Ed and I sometimes watch or if we can't watch the whole show, we try to tune in for the Showcase Showdown. I should just record it, hm?
I think Jaylon likes all of the clapping and excitement!!

This is just a cute picture of you-know-who standing down by the creek as we were taking our daily walk around the yard one afternoon and I thought he looked so cute and what would it hurt to take ANOTHER picture of the boy? I mean, I don't have one of him in THIS particular outfit! :-)

Awwww...and I just love it when he sleeps in this position 'cause his daddy did, too, when he was little, and it is soooo adorable! And look at his little feetsies, how he has them crossed....Awwwww. :-)

Oh, and below is Jaylon CLIMBING. INTO. his water table! Good heavens, I had just turned around and when I looked back, he had climbed up into the little boat and was sitting there looking at me with the ornriest grin on his face!!! You can't look away for a second, I swear!!! And he has no fear! Oh my!! Lord, help me! :-)

And, lastly....I've said it before and I'll say it love to play with things that you would never guess could possibly be my note and pen holder.
Jaylon kept pointing at something on the table and after holding up a kazillion things....he finally settled on the note and pen holder. He must have spent a half kidding....putting pens into the holder and taking them out. I gave him three or four more pens to use. Then he would take out a little square of paper and scribble on it. He was just simply entertained with this simple amusement.

Jaylon is saying quite a few words nowadays. He says Dada, Mama, Pawpaw...which is what he calls Grandpa Ed and Pawpaw Luke, Bubba for his Uncle Brian, dog, cat, okay, hey, pop, and he even said Mawmaw today, which is what he calls his maternal grandmother. Soooo, what am I...chopped liver???? *sigh*
BUT....then I thought for a little while and do you know what? Jaylon can say "Jesus" and that is the most wonderful name of all, so I can wait on being called Grandma a while longer! :-)

Oh, but let me tell you this....Erin and I were talking this afternoon (Saturday) and she said maybe he is calling YOU "Nine-nine" which is kind of a whiney, irritating sound he makes when he wants something and doesn't know how to say it and we keep pointing at things until he lets us know that that is what he wants.
Well, I told Erin, "Oh, that is just great! So, you're telling me that he COULD be calling ME Nine-nine and all the while I'm telling him....Jaylon....what do you want?..please say something else besides nine-nine....say "cookie", "drink"....anything but that whiney, irritating nine-nine."

Nooooo, he CAN'T be calling ME Nine-nine, can he? *sigh*

I'm going to bed. I was at least hoping for Ga-Ga. But Nine-nine? We'll see. :-)



Candace said...

Jaylon is so precious! You are so blessed to be able to spend so much time with him. Our granddaughter lives 1800+ miles away. If she was closer, I would be posting away about her. Enjoy every minute with him and keep sharing him with us. I, for one, love your posts about him!

Mary said...

He is such a doll-baby! I absolutely love that 2nd picture!

Barbara H. said...

Well, if you lived down here, I'd suggest Nine-nine could be Nana with a bit of Southern twang. :-)

Mrs Lemon said...

Nine-nine sounds like "mine-mine" to me ... :)

Jewel said...

Hi Candace! Oh my! I don't know what I would do if Jaylon was 1800 miles away! My heart truly goes out to you and other grandparents who are so far from their grandchildren. Thanks so much for stopping by!
Thanks, Mary! I know!!! I loooove that one, too!!! :-)
That is a thought, Barbara! Hmmmm....
AND I hadn't thought of nine-nine being mine-mine, Liz! Thanks for that! We'll see!

Stephani said...

No need to apologize for too many pictures of Jaylon! Mothers are allowed to post bunches of pictures of their kids, so why not grandkids! I'm not a mother or a grandmother, but I'm an aunt! Sometimes I worry about putting too many pictures of my nieces online, but who cares, they're my joy! ~ Jaylon is precious! Thanks for sharing!

Sweet Tea said...

He is one precious boy!!
Great photos!!
Nothin' better than grandkids.

Theresa said...

From one grandmother to another, you can never have too many pictures to show off. AND if anyone decides that they are tired of looking at Jaylon (or any of my grandkids) that's just tough! They are our blessings and we like to share! lol

For quite a while, Eva called me "YaYa". We never did figure that out. Now she's saying "Nana" like all the other kids.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

You can never have enough pictures of your grandchildren. Years ago, before the digital age, you had to be careful to get the perfect picture. Now shoot to your heart's content. Before long, they'll be grown, but you'll still have all your pictures to bring back memories.

If folks don't want to see Jaylon's pics, they'll go to another blog. The problem is, there's not to many of us who post anymore. Facebook has captured many a blogger.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

He really is adorable and loved by many! He is blessed, and so are you!! Happy Monday, my friend!

Mrs. NB