Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Thoughts on AC

With the heat and humidity being so intense over the weekend, it seemed that there was alot of discussion about air-conditioning during the past few days.

You know, we didn't have air-conditioning when I was a child. My sister, Debbie and I shared a bedroom...a SMALL bedroom.....and I remember we had a screen in the window but we didn't even have a fan! BUT, I also don't have any memories of not being able to sleep because of the heat either. Actually, I don't remember the heat and humidity being a big deal at all when I was a child.

If my memory serves me correctly, I don't remember having any fans in the house. I'm sure we must have had at least one but I just don't remember it and neither do my siblings. And, yet, we don't remember complaining about the heat, either.

It was what it was. It was just what happened in the summer. It got hot. You still played, rode your bike, waded in the "crick", built brush forts in the woods, swung from a grapevine - if you could find a good sturdy one that was attached securely to said tree, although on occasion it wouldn't be and you would go "THUD" and survive without breaking any bones. :-)

Johnny, my twin brother, and I played on, whether it was hot or not. It was summer. That was what you did. You woke up, ate breakfast, threw on some clothes and headed outside to see what adventure awaited or that you could conjure up! :-)

We built treehouses, played cowboys and indians, combat and spent our weekly quarter allowance on old bike parts and started a bike repair shop in an old out-building. We were always up to something! :-) The heat and humidity didn't stop us!
Anywayyyy.....back to the AC.

Daniel, Erin, and Jaylon stayed with friends this past weekend AND the only AC was in the main bedroom, which wasn't Daniel and Erin's. All they had was a fan.

But they had a great time! I guess I just can't believe that Daniel, especially, stayed and was able to sleep without AC!!! I mean, he sleeps with a fan on in the winter!!!

I was just amazed that they spent four days away without AC. AND they didn't even complain about it.

It was HOT and HUMID this past weekend with a heat index of well over 100 and it is going to continue through this week.
Our pastor's mother, who is 87, doesn't have AC in the main part of her house upstairs at ground level, where she sleeps. She told me that she opens the two bedroom windows and actually sleeps pretty well.

The basement of her house is like a second little house downstairs and she spends some of her time down there where it is just naturally cool.

Me? I'd be sleeping down there, too! :-) But she has alot of difficulty getting up and down the stairs now so she spends most of her time upstairs. And she doesn't complain about the heat. It just is what it is.
Sooooooo, we had our annual church picnic on Sunday evening........outside......in the heat and humidity. There was nary a breeze to be felt. It was suffocating. Hazy. You get the idea.

I think I am turning into a complete wimp where the heat is concerned!

Oh. well. Well, I say that but then I'm reading about how this week is really going to put a burden on the country's power grids because of the high demand during this heatwave and I get a little concerned because I LOOOOOVE me some AC!!!! :-0

And then.....to top it all off.....even with the AC keeping the house cool, we usually have one ceiling fan and an occilating fan running.

See? I am a wimp! :-/

Sooooo, how do you feel about the AC? Can you take it or leave it? Do you even have AC?
Oh wait, there are a couple of other comments I wanted to make.

The first air-conditoner I remember us having when I was a child was a big window unit that Dad put in the middle room of our house.

BUT before we got that, Mom and Dad bought a car that had air-conditioning. I remember them taking a ride in the evening to get cooled down. :-)

I only remember Mom and Dad having the big window unit, not ever central air.
Oh, and when I was single and living on my own, I didn't have AC in any of my apartments until the last one before Ed and I got married.

It had CENTRAL AIR! I thought I had died and gone to heaven but it didn't last long.

You see, it was an old unit and the landlord told me that when it quit, he wouldn't be replacing it.

Well, I had only been living there for perhaps two months and it quit!!! Sooooo, I bought a fan and that was that! AND I don't have any recollection of it being so terribly awful in having to deal with the heat and humidity.
When Ed and I got married, we lived in this same apartment without AC. We then bought our first house and it had a HUGE window AC unit and it was sooooo noisy. It roared! It was in the living room and when we tried watching TV, this AC was so loud it made it virtually impossible to hear the TV unless you really turned it up.......yes, you had to get up and TURN the TV up then. :-) My, how things have changed!

And then, the way the rooms in the house were positioned, the AC didn't cool the other rooms down very well, though we did use a fan or two to try and circulate the cool air around the rest of the house.

Then we moved into our mobile home, in which we live now. We brought the big window AC unit with us and if that thing roared in the bigger house, you can only imagine how it was in this smaller home. Oh my!

We actually sold it after awhile because we just couldn't stand the noise and we didn't haven't AC for some time until we moved our mobile home to where we are now.

We now have central air and I looooove it!!!!! And not too long ago, the power went out AND, believe it or not, we DID manage to sleep pretty well that night, in spite of not having AC.

So, I guess the bottom line is that we can do what we have to do, hm? If we HAD to live without AC, we would just do it, BUT I do loooooove me some cool, breeze-blowing AC! Yes, I do! :-)

AND if all else fails, I guess we could just do what this cute little guy is doing, hm? :-)


Bethany said...

I remember Daniel and I playing outside in the heat and not thinking a thing of it! I guess when your little it doesn't really matter so much. I suppose with you guys growing up you can't miss what you don't have so it wasn't a big deal to not have AC. Our car doesn't have AC so we have to roll the windows down...actually doesn't get that bad in there all things considered. But yes I do love the AC after being outside in the heat! And Sunday, phew, it was awful hot and playing volleyball and such was horrid but we still had fun! :-) Hope you can keep cool today!

Barbara H. said...

We didn't have AC growing up, either, but I don't think I could survive without it now. I don't know if it is hotter or more humid or we're just used to AC. I can't even go run errands or get through Wal-Mart without getting soaked and red in the face. I often have the ceiling fan on, too.

I do remember oscillating fans when I was a kid as well as those bog box fans. I thought my aunt's house was so luxurious because she had central AC. I loved to take naps there because of the AC and because she had dark blue curtains in her room, and it would be dark and cool even in mid-day south Texas in her room.

Joyce said...

I remember getting air conditioning when I was in the 4th grade. I remember it because we got a free small black and white tv with the purchase and I'm pretty sure we were more excited about that 2nd tv!

I think now we are all used to air conditioning so we take note of the heat more. Plus, I think we tend to complain more as a society in general. My parents worked hard, struggled some, but really I don't remember complaining. We are a bit whiny now...more to be grateful for but we seem to be less grateful. Just my .02

Have a nice week!

Theresa said...

I grew up without A/C. As a kid, I really didn't pay too much attention to how hot it was. However, once I became a mom....

Now, I can't survive well without A/C. I need to be able to breathe. The asthma has been REALLY bad since Friday because of the heat index and the air pollution levels.

Mary said...

I addressed not having air conditioning in a post about a week ago. We didn't get it until I was in high school. I remember waking up in the middle of the night being so cold because I forgot to turn off the window fan!
I think we Americans are such wimps now!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I never had AC until we moved into a house trailer when I was in 10th grade. Those old trailers HAD to be air conditioned or you would simply roast.

The factory that I work in isn't air conditioned, so whatever it is outside, add 10 degrees. It was MUCH worse when we had the braze furnace. The temp near the furnace was checked with an oven thermometer because a regular one didn't go high enough.

Now, after a hot day at work, I come home to a cool house due to my wife being the governess of the thermostat.

Candace said...


I never considered the heat when I was a kid; but now...I've got to be cool!

I'm visiting your blog for the first time from Mary's Life in a Small Town Blog. Congratulations on your award! I'm now your newest follower and look forward to getting to know you.


Stephani said...

Love, love, love the new blog background Jewel! As you know we are in the middle of a house rennovation that is taking waaay to long! We had no air at all (because we took the old air out) until a couple of weeks ago we got a tiny window unit for the bedroom. We keep the bedroom door closed and use open windows and fans in the rest of the house. We only spend nights in the bedroom and it does help when I'm getting ready in the morning, but otherwise we are in the heat. July in Oklahoma can get pretty hot. Hope we don't melt!

Esther - TTBM said...

We don't have a/c at home and sleep with our windows open.I just take a nice cool shower right before jumping into bed, and it's nice, but maybe not as nice as having a/c :)

I am your newest follower.


Sweet Tea said...

I remember having no AC when I was a kid. Then we got the HUGE water cooler and thought we were in heaven. . .I'm a total WIMP now and I gotta have my AC. Gotta!
Great Post!

Angie said...

Love me some air conditioning too!

While we were back in IL clearing out gram's house, we spent a lot of time dragging things out to the dumpster, selling at a garage sale, or lugging it to the garage to be taken to charity. It was HOT AND MUGGY, but you know what, I actually enjoyed the physical work and sweating. I made a mental note to myself not to get too distraught over working up a good sweat; you can always take a cool shower!

When you mentioned your pastor's mother it reminded me of when we lived in WI with no air conditioning in our apartment. It was difficult to sleep upstairs so we carted our mattresses down to the basement and all four of us (my one and four year old too) slept with just our sheets and every fan we owned blowing on us. It was a fun "camp out" memory!

Thanks for sharing your memories!