Friday, July 23, 2010

Catching up!

A couple of weeks ago, I read on my girlfriend's daughter's FB page that she (the daughter) was having a surprise 50th birthday party for her mother that night at her mom's church. Said daughter lives in Kentucky!
Sooooo, I told the hubs that I would love to go and we hadn't been to Mt. Vernon in so long and could we, could we, huh? And he said yes!!!
Well, we got to the church and no one was there! I mean, it was supposed to be outside in the shelter house but it was empty. So, we just parked the car and I started calling different people that I knew from the church but no one was home. Ed said maybe the rapture took place. I told him to be quiet! :-)
Sooooo, we pull out of the parking lot on our way to get something to eat and who should we pass but Theresa and her husband and I'm thinking, "Oh no! I hope they didn't recognize us because the party is supposed to be a surprise and she'll wonder what we're doing up here!"
Soooo, Ed and I turn around and go back to the church but pull around back and lo, and behold! There are all of these cars parked there! So, NOW we know where the party is!!!
Theresa is still surprised and we had a wonderful time!!!
A REALLY neat thing that happened that evening was I finally met Theresa's daughter, Mrs. Lemon, whose blog I follow. Now, I have never met Mrs. Lemon until this night and it is soooo cool, because I FEEL like I know her as I have followed her through her blog and so much has happened through the years. She has gotten married to Mr. Lemon, they have had a son, Zesty and a daughter, Sprite and Mr. Lemon has a daughter who now lives with them, Splenda!

I've "read" them through wedding preparations, moving, putting their home together, having babies, the adventures of cloth diapering, tax preparation, and just all kinds of life stuff!! I mean, I felt like I knew them before I even met them! But then I feel that way about many of you whose blogs I read. It is so cool!!
Now if you are wondering about the names....Mrs. Lemon does not use their REAL names on her blog for privacy reasons.
So, when I finally met her in person and her family, I knew them as the Lemon Family and it was soooo weird trying to get accustomed to their real names but I wasn't too concerned when Mrs. Lemon's father, Sir Nottaguy-Imadad, told me that when he is praying for them, sometimes he forgets and calls them by their Lemon names! :-)

Happy 50th Birthday, Theresa!! It was so wonderful to see you, again!!!

AND it was good to see you again, too, Ross!

AND how wonderful to finally meet you in person, Mrs. Lemon and little Sprite! She has the most beautiful eyes! :-)

Here is Mr. and Mrs. Lemon! Just a beautiful couple and family!!!
Now, to change directions just a tad!
Jaylon's Pawpaw and Mawmaw had been gone for about a week and a half on a wonderful Alaskan Cruise. Well, we took Jaylon by where his Pawpaw was working the day after he got home from the cruise. Little Jaylon just hugged up to his Pawpaw! He was so glad to see him. Actually, I don't know who was happier to see who....Jaylon or Pawpaw! :-) I just love this picture!

Below is a picture of Jaylon walking barefooted in the grass at church. I've always said that that particular grass looks so inviting! :-) I would just love to sink my toes in it! :-)

Does the boy know how to do some sleeping or what? :-)

We are getting quite the conglomeration of play things for the boy! This is some of what we have out on the ball court. :-)
I think his little swimming pool is so adorable but he doesn't really care for it. We've tried to put him in it but he wants right back out. I even crawled into it myself thinking he might get in if I did., he didn't. AND me climbing into that pool was not a pretty sight. We won't even talk about me getting out of it!! Oh my!! LOL

AND lastly....Jaylon has learned that he can put his little toesy woesies on the middle slat of the gate.....which is meant to KEEP HIM OUT of our bedroom.....and reach my basket of lotions!!! I caught him in the act but he seemed unfazed. :-)

So now I have to remember to turn the gate so he can't get upon that piece of wood. These little ones are so clever!! :-/


Barbara H. said...

That must be one of the nicest things about retirement -- being able to just go wherever when the mood strikes!

I'm glad you found the surprise party, got to see old friends, and meets the Lemon family!

Our oldest did not like his pool, either, when he was little. He's throw a ball into it but not get in. But my younger two loved the water.

Mary said...

How cool that you met a blogger you'd been following for a long time! I personally know a few of my followers, and I suspect that I'll meet another one (who live in the same county) when high school football season is here.
Love the picture of Jaylon with his Pawpaw. That is priceless. And the picture of him sleeping: little kids just amaze me!
Love your new look!

Mrs Lemon said...

It was so great to get to meet you too Jewel! I'm just glad it was such a success, and your presence there made Mom's day.

Sweet Tea said...

I loved them all.
What a great summer you are having. Loved meeting the "Lemons" through you and of course your little Jaylon is as cute as ever!!

Theresa said...

Hi, Jewel! It was SOOOOO great having you and Ed at my surprise party! I love it when my girls get to meet some of my friends on their own terms.

The pics of you posted really turned out great!

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It was good to see you and Ed there at the party.

It's funny, you have posted as many pictures of me in this one post as I have in the 300+ posts that I have done (1).

Joyce said...

I think I'm going to finally meet my first 'stranger' blogger next Friday...really hoping it works out!

Love that little guy sneaking his hands over the gate. They are always thinkin' : )

Nel said...

What a fun time! Retirement is wonderful! I thought about working part time, but it sure would cut down on our spur of the moment trips, and that does not sound like fun... so I am retired too! Grandkids are the best!
Oh thanks for the award, I will swing by sometime this week and post about it. Thanks my friend!
until next time... nel