Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Blog With Substance!

Mary, a new friend I've made at Life In A Small Town, passed this award on to me! Thank you so much, Mary!

I read a few blog posts of bloggers who also received this award and most of them questioned whether their blog was REALLY a blog of substance. my humble opinion, if you are blogging about your life, family, the Lord, things that you love, past, present and future, you surely have a blog of substance.

AND I read about bloggers questioning why they blog or what should they be blogging about.

Well, I'm sure that we all blog for different reasons, but I look at blogging as journaling for me. I've always wanted to journal but have never been good at stick-to-it-tiveness. (my made-up term LOL) My blog has been my best attempt at journaling in my 58 years of living and I'm pretty proud of myself, though since little Jaylon entered this world and our home, my blogging/journaling has suffered a bit BUT I wouldn't trade that little bundle of love and happiness for anything! :-) AND I'll just have to blog around him and his cute little self! :-)

Okay, back to the award!

As part of the acceptance of the award, I have to sum up my blogging philosophy, motivation, and experience in five words.


That is truly what I feel that my blog is. You know. Like the old cotton commercials. :-)

All that goes on in my life from day to day weaves together to become the fabric of my life. onto the rest of the award. :-) (I'm slowly getting there!)

Next, I'm supposed to tag a few people that I feel have blogs of substance.

Barbara at Stray Thoughts
Chantell at Where You Can Find Me
Stephani at A Defined Life
Mr. and Mrs. Nurseboy at Poop On Jelly
Angie at Angie's Ad Lib
Nel at Fasteneau Facts

There you have it! I'm like Joyce at From This Side of the Pond, in that I am a bit hesitant to pick out certain blogs because as I said above, if I didn't think your blog was a blog of substance, it wouldn't be in my blog list! AND there would be many more blogs listed there IF I had high-speed internet AND more time to blog! Soooooo, I've narrowed my blogs down to what you see in the list because I looooove reading your blogs AND you!!! :-)
AND you didn't really think I could post and NOT show a picture of "you-know-who", did you? LOL
Well, here is a picture of said gorgeous young boy as he climbed upon the VERY narrow piece of wood in middle of the gate that is SUPPOSED to keep him out of our bedroom and bathroom!
I mean.....he had just the tips of his toesies on that thing as he balanced himself and started pulling out my lotions. Thankfully, I had my camera to snap this pic AND grandpa was right behind him to grab him before he made a REAL mess! LOL
Heavens, but he does keep us on our toes these days!!! :-0


Sweet Tea said...

Wayyy cute!!
And wayyyy curious.

Jewel said...

Hi Sweet Tea!! It's good to see you!! Yessss....he is wayyyyyy curious, as you said above. He keeps me and grandpa on our toes, let me tell ya!! :-)

Joyce said...

I was humming the commercial song when I ready your philosophy : )

Congrats on your award!

Jewel said...

I loved those commercials, Joyce! And Reader's Digest used to have a small segment about a real person/family and their family memories involving something made with cotton. Remember those?

Stephani said...

Jewel! thanks for tagging me! I'll have to make a post about this tomorrow or Thursday! I'm so glad to have met you through blogging!

Jewel said...

And I feel the same of you, Stephani! You are a treasure! :-)

Barbara H. said...

Thanks so much! I like your idea of substance. :-)

chantell said...

Aww, thank you Sis. Jewel! You're so sweet to dub my blog as one of substance! :-)

Jewel said...

You are so welcome, Barbara and Chantell! You were two of my FIRST blogging friends!! :-)

Tammy said...

Congratulations on your bloggy award! How cool for you. Also, I have a question, and I could probably find out the answer if I read far enough back in your blog...but, alas I am at work & can not. Does you're precious baby boy live at your house, or just visit lots? Ours is currently living with us & I love it! Take reading about your family. tam

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Congrats on your award... and thanks for the nod over here! I am blessed to call you my bloggy friend!!! So glad we have "met"!!

Mrs. NB

Jewel said...

Hi Tammy! No, little Jaylon doesn't live with us. We have him Mon-Thurs from 6:30am until 6pm, as his mommy and daddy both work! We love him so much!!!
Hi Mrs. NB! I feel the same way!! :-)
Thanks so much for stopping by everyone!!!