Monday, July 12, 2010

Talk about randomness!!! :-)

This post should win a prize!!! :-)

I went to the library the other night and uploaded some recent pictures to my blog because it takes me so long to do so here at home with dial-up. Soooooo, below you will find said pictures in no particular order, I'm afraid. But! I will provide a running dialogue so you will at least know what they are.'ll know who that cute little baby boy is, IF you've been reading my blog for any length of time. He's pretty popular around here! :-)

The first picture, taken for your viewing pleasure AND for my memory-keeping, is of my sweet potato plant. I looooove my sweet potato plant. Are they as popular any where else as there are here locally?

I hadn't even seen or heard of them until Logan (my hometown) began participating in "America In Bloom" and the chairperson (who is a wonderful horticulturist) began using the sweet potato plants in planters, hanging baskets and anywhere else that he could in the plantings in downtown Logan. They add so much vibrant color and lushness to the plantings.
As you can see, I hung mine right outside my kitchen window so I can enjoy it all day! :-)

Below is a pictue of grandpa and Jaylon reading his little Easter pop-up book, "Five Little Easter Eggs".
Jaylon loooooves his books, though maybe not quite as much now that summer is here. He likes to be outside in the wide open spaces!!! BUT grandma and grandpa do need a break once in awhile. :-)

Below is a picture of my, uh....I mean, our son, Daniel, that I just love! Well, I mean, I do loooove him, of course, but I especially looooove this particular picture of him. I believe Erin took it over the July 4th weekend as they were driving to Akron, where they spent the weekend with these friends, whom some of you who read my blog know quite well! :-)

These next two pictures are of a family of swans that live at the upper end of Lake Logan, a local state park that is just a half-mile from our church which is located on....*drum roll please*....Lake Logan Road!!!! :-)

Anywayyyy....the mommy and daddy swans took up residence at the upper end of Lake Logan two or three years ago and have become quite a popular pair in the meantime as they've had babies and just become friendly with the locals.
Local photographers REALLY like them as they have presented some wonderful photo-ops through the months.

Awwwww....and this next little creature has a story to tell!!!
When Daniel and Erin came outside after church about three or four weeks ago, this cute little guy was wandering around without any tags on. Sooooooo, Erin having never met an animal that she does not looooove, took him home and commenced to trying to find out who he belonged to.
After having no luck at that.....and in the meantime, we all fell in love with him....she put an ad on Craig's List and found him a home with a veterinarian.
Since we didn't know the little doggy's name, we started calling him Spock, because we just thought he had a kind of Star Trekky look to him. :-)
You know the ugly that he's kinda cute? LOL
He was very well trained and obedient, so we just can't figure out why someone didn't come looking for him. We put up fliers, put an ad in the paper, ads on the three different radio stations.
Oh, and we figured out pretty much that he's a French Bulldog. AND a little doll baby! :-) I'm just thankful that Erin found a good home for him!

I think I've mentioned here before how much Jaylon loves to play the drums, haven't I? Well, below is more proof!

Can you believe the little guy went to sleep holding onto his drumsticks?
He doesn't have drums yet but I get out bowls for him to drum on AND we have an empty popcorn tin that he REALLY makes a racket on!!!
ANDDDDDD this next pictures is just simply one of my favorites!!! It is of Jaylon and his Mawmaw Pat, Erin's mother.
Pat watches Jaylon during church services as Erin is usually praise-singing or helping teach youth class and Daniel is playing drums, leading worship, teaching youth class or any other number of things.
I've not taken care of Jaylon during a church service but I can imagine that he could be a hand full as he is a bundle of energy.

This next picture is of Jaylon waving his flag during the July 4th celebration in Akron or Tallmadge, when he and his mommmy and daddy spent the weekend with Dave, Heather and little Maddy.

Oh, and lastly.....Jaylon loooooved Maddy's Little Mermaid Dresser. :-) As you can tell! :-)

Well, I have to go and do hair for a friend that just arrived.

Yes, it's early! 6:30AM to be exact! But she stops on her way to work!!

Have a great day, everyone!!


Joyce said...

Oooh,, you do hair? I'd love someone to do my hair every morning: )

I don't think I've ever seen a sweet potato plant and I would never have thought to put one in a basket. See, I knew blogging was educational!

Jewel said...

Hi Joyce! I don't do her hair every morning. Just when she needs me. Like this week, when her daughter is on vacation. :-)
Oh, you just HAVE to try a sweet potato plant! They are so beautiful, especially when planted with other flowering plants. I just did my singly this year AND I prefer the lighter green ones. I have a darker green one but it isn't nearly as lush or pretty.
Yes! Blogging can be very educational!!! :-)

Theresa said...

I remember planting sweet potato plants for Mother's Day one year. They do vine all over the place!

I loved all of the pictures. If you all ever find another stray dog, give us a call. We have LOTS of friends into pet rescues.

Candace said...

I was just thinking while reading your post that I wish I could stop by and have you do my hair every morning. That would be my dream, I have someone do my hair for me every day! I love love love the sweet potato plant. Never seen one before! And of course, I love to see pics of your Jaylon. What a precious child he is! Thanks so much for stopping by to see me and for your sweet comments about our anniversary! I hope you have a great week! Candace

Angie said...

I love your posts. Feels like I'm just sitting at your table while you share your pics with me. :)

Sweet potato plant? Coming from a girl who grew up on an IL farm I can't believe I'm gonna ask this, but does it produce sweet potatoes? I'm assuming not, but wondering why they call it that. You'll have to fill me in.

Have a great week, Jewel!

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa, Candace and Angie! The sweet potato plant does not produce potatoes, nor does it sprout from a potato, that I know of. It is just gorgeous, though. I always have a bit of difficulty finding them in the spring as they really seem to sell out fast. I thought about trying to find some seeds or seedlings on line that I can order next year.