Thursday, July 29, 2010

Our weekend vacay!

Two weeks ago, Ed and I drove up to Vermilion, Ohio which is situated on the shores of Lake Erie. I chose this small town because I really didn't want to be close to the Cedar Point area which can be pretty congested during this time of year.

We stayed at a B&B, which was a first for us. We were a little hesitant but the rates were great and I thought..."Why not?"

As it turned was wonderful!!!!

We stayed at the Captain Young House, which is owned and operated by a 72-year-old, spunky, full-of-life woman named Ciel.
She told us that a Captain Young actually lived in the house and stayed there when he came into port.

Walking into the house was just like stepping back into another era of time.

It was not air-conditioned, except for the two guest rooms. But, strangely enough, the lack of AC added to the ambiance of the house. There were two or three fans running which made it comfortable and relaxing.

As we walked up the staircase to our room, this was what we saw on the upstairs landing:

A lovely library and reading area!

This was our room:

It was so beautiful and such a wonderful place to shut out the world and relax.

Here are a couple of more views of our room. I took them at night so they are a bit dark but you can still see how lovely the room is. :-)

This is the sitting room or living room viewed from the stairway.

We drove around Vermilion on Friday evening and made our way down to one of three public beaches in the area. I thought about going swimming but there was so much algae/seaweed in the lake, I decided not to.

There was a sign posted giving the reason for so much seaweed: The lake is in really good condition and,thusly, is producing an over-abundance of the green stuff. They, whoever "they" is, are endeavoring to keep the beaches clear of the green invader but there isn't much they can do about an entire lake.
Several families had ventured out into the lake and were having a fun time enjoying the water midst the heat and humidity!

Ed enjoyed talking with Ciel and playing with Scooter while he waited for me to sit
down for breakfast Saturday morning. We also had eggs, ham, homefries, biscuits.....oh, I could get used to having breakfast served to me each morning!
Well, maybe occasionally as I'm not always in the mood for breakfast.

AND this is Ciel and her cuddly companion, Scooter! :-)
Ellie had to get in the vacation pictures somehow, as evidenced below. As soon as I placed the suitcase on our bed, she was on it, in it, nosing all around. I couldn't believe she was able to squeeze her fat body into this snug compartment but she did it somehow! :-)

Of course, we, or rather I should say "I", had to go check out the local library before leaving town and we were very pleasantly surprised! AND the lady that signed me on to one of the computers asked where we were from. When she found out that we were from the Hocking Hills area, she excitedly told us that her son attended Tri-County Career Center where our son went! It IS a small world. Her son took a special ice-carving course that was offered and had actually participated in the ice-carving festival that is held in downtown Logan each January! Amazing.

Saturday afternoon we drove down to Mt. Vernon and stopped by the church to see who was there and our good friend Bob Sheets was there with a group that had gathered in the gym to play Euchre.
They all invited us to join them and while we didn't play Euchre, we did partake of the generous lay-out of food that they had.
I couldn't believe the food that was there!!! I couldn't resist! I had been very "good" in staying on my d*** up to this point but I thought..."Hey, I'm on a little!!!" And I most certainly did!!
I thought a few times that if this is what a few people bring when they play cards, what must it be like at this church when they have a REAL carry-in dinner!?!?! Good heavens! :-)

We checked into a local motel and later that evening, we drove out to our good friends, Bob and Betty Sheets's home.
We got to talking and realized that we hadn't been to visit them for over two years!!!
I could hardly believe it!!! I was on my rollating walker the last time we were there!!!
Well, the last time we were there, we played our usual games of and Betty against Ed and Bob. We were all tied up at two games a-piece, so we were due to play the tie-breaker!
Betty prepared a wonderful meal of cold-cuts, vegetables and chips, apple pie and ice cream, and we had the most fun time of fellowship! Her mother, Sis. Whitt, joined us. Is any food as good as that that is shared with wonderful friends??? I think not. :-)
So after we had eaten our fill, the game was on. Betty and I gave it our best but the guys won and they weren't humble about it, either! LOL
My goodness, but we laughed and laughed and had such a wonderful time of fellowship together. The Lord has given us such a special gift of friendship with Bob and Betty. We are blessed. And even though we are not able to get together very often, whenever we do, we just take up where we left off and I believe that is one of the signs of true friendship!

The next morning, we went to church at Christian Apostolic Church where my former youth pastor has been the pastor for almost 35 years. He is an awesome man of God and he preached a very timely message, "Truth to All Generations", which you can listen to on their website. Just click on the "Online Serivces" link and look for the title.

AND to top off an already great weekend, we went to church in Nelsonville that evening with Daniel, Erin and Jaylon, where Bro. Jeff and Sis. Wanda Chavis ministered in song and preaching. What a wonderful ending to an already enjoyable weekend! :-)


Sweet Tea said...

What a great "get-away"! I especially enjoyed the photos of the B & B. It reminded me of Mayberry. I think I could even hear Andy whistlin' as I scrolled through the photos.

Nel said...

What a fun time. I would love to stay at a B&B, never have but intend to sometime. Enjoyed your pictures, and yes you are right that is a special kind of friendship when you can pick up where you left off, I have a couple friends like that. Glad you had such a great time!
until next time... nel

Theresa said...

It was so good to get to see you twice in one month!

I'm glad you and Ed were able to run away for a weekend and go up to Lake Erie. That B&B looked awesome.

Don Ryan said...

Sorry I missed you. FYI- We are the Apostolic Christian Church. A little dyslexia invaded your post :)

Jewel said...

Hey, everyone! Thanks for stopping by! And, yes, you are right,'d I do that? It's happening more and more....*feeble grin* I need more and more people keeping an eye on me! Oh my! LOL

Barbara H. said...

Sounds like a great vacation!

Candace said...

I love your photos! What a lovely time you had! I would like to visit that area sometime. Maybe when I get my airstream and can travel fulltime, I will make it up there! ha! Thank you for sharing these. Have a great weekend, Candace

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

So glad you guys got to get away!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time!!

Mrs. NB