Saturday, March 06, 2010

Where do I begin? we go!

Last Thursday, my two sisters, two sisters-in-law, three nieces, great nephew, grandson, son and a partridge in, wait a minute....I got side-tracked there.

Ahem....anywayyy.....a bunch of us, excluding the partridge, went to Scrambler Marie's in Lancaster for lunch!

All of us women-folk get together for eachother's birthdays but we don't have a birthday to celebrate between November and May, soooo I came up with the idea of having lunch halfway in the middle.....not EXACTLY, to-the-day in the middle, but you get the idea!

PLUS, my niece, Bethany, was scheduled to give birth.....isn't it amazing that they SCHEDULE births now? her baby girl (AND they KNOW what they are having in advance! Amazing!)Tuesday, so we wanted to get together before that wonderful event and wish Bethany and little Hayley well!

I had the most amazingly, delicious hamburger that I have EVER had! It was a Portabello Angus Burger on a pretzel bun. Oh. my. word. I was a little concerned about the pretzel bun, thinking it might be hard and crusty but it was soft, warm and wonderful! :-)

As we were preparing to eat, my sister Bev asked Daniel to pray. I thought he would pray his customary quick-prayer-before-we-eat-prayer. You know the prayer. :-) BUT this young man prayed the most beautiful prayer over our food and our gathering together. Tears came to my eyes as I listened to this young man ask the Lord to bless our food, our time together, and those who had gathered around the table.

It was one of those moments, that as a mother, I will always cherish. :-) Thank you, Lord Jesus, for moments like these.
I won!!! I really won!!!!

I could hardly believe it! But I have the proof!!! :-)
Angie at Angie's Ad Lib had a spring give-a-way at her blog and I won!!!! Below is a picture of what I won and it arrived yesterday!!!

I'll be sure and take a picture of my dining table once I get it all decorated! :-)
The lovely spring colors just lifted my spirits so!! :-)Thanks so much, Angie!

AND Angie is hosting another give-a-way at her food blog which you can find HERE but hurry because the entry time ends tomorrow night, Sunday, March 7 at 9pm!
And is the newest addition to our extended family! Little Hayley Elizabeth Yerian, daughter of Drew and Bethany Yerian and sister to little Nathen, who loves his little sister bunches! Bethany told me that little Nathen has been sleeping with a picture of Hayley! Awww! AND they have some of the sweetest pictures of Nathen holding little Hayley! I'll try to get one posted soon!
She was born this past Thursday morning and weighed 7lbs.11oz. and was 19 1/2 inches long. She is so gorgeous! I have been feverishly crocheting a little blanket for her and I have it almost finished! I'll post a picture when it is completed!

I hope you are all enjoying the beautiful weather and much-longed-for sunshine!!! :-) Have a great weekend!!!


Joyce said...

I've never heard of a pretzel bun but it sounds wonderful to me. I love the way you described that moment of prayer. Sometimes those things touch us so deeply yet it's hard to describe in words...sort of being overwhelmed by emotion and love and real joy. I knew just what you meant.

Congrats on your new grand-neice!

Barbara H. said...

What a neat little prize package!!

And what a sweet little baby!

Mary said...

That burger looks devine! What a sweet picture of the looks like an angel praying!