Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Randomness!!

Good Monday Afternoon, Everyone! :-) I had hoped to get a post up before now but, as you can see, I've been redecorating my blog. I think I finally have it the way I like it. :-) At least, for a few days. I have learned how to do a couple of new things in the process: How to use a different blog font for my title other than what blogger offers AND....well, would you believe I can't remember the other little tidbit? *sigh* (the story of my life. :-/) :-)
I finished the afghan I was making for little Hayley, my great niece, who is now one month old! Does time fly by or what? Oh my!!

I took it to her on Friday and had such a good visit with Bethany (Hayley's mommy, my niece) and my sister Bev, who got home from work while I was there. Bethany and the little ones have been spending a few days with Grandma and Grandpa. :-)
Saturday was a wonderfully relaxing day for me and Ed. We slept in until 7am. Wow!! :-) That's late for us!!! (We're so old! LOL)
I fixed us a hearty breakfast; then we went in and cleaned the church. We then grocery shopped and came home, where we watched Tennessee and Ohio State. :-( I crocheted, as I am working on another afghan for our adopted daughter, Kaitlin, who is now married and lives in Bossier City, La. Her husband is in the Air Force and is stationed at a base close by.
This afghan is the most colorful one I've ever made as Kaitlin's favorite color combo is black and hot pink! Ooolala!! :-)
She doesn't know I'm making it for her, so I'm hoping she'll be really surprised and happy with it! I know she will be! Kaitlin also likes travel size toiletries, so I've been saving some little shampoos and such that I've saved over the past few months when we've stayed at a hotel somewhere and I'll be sending those to her, too. :-)
Little Jaylon is here today!!! Yayyy!! When we don't see him for a couple of days, as in the weekend, it is so wonderful to see him on Monday morning!!! He is so happy today!! And he is usually in a good and happy mood, except when he isn't feeling well or he is grumpy, as pictured below:

Don't you just love that picture??? :-) He was wanting me to do something and came over to me as I was sitting on the sofa and apparently, I wasn't moving fast enough to suit him and he started fussing. Thankfully, Ed got the camera to me in time to snap that cute picture above! :-)
Although I feel like I should have all kinds of stuff to blog about, I have just not really felt like blogging lately. *sigh*
Do any of you go through that?
And I don't really know why I've been feeling this way. Just a part of being me.
I'll get back in the groove before long hopefully! :-)
AND I will be doing the Wednesday Random Dozen, of course!

AND gorgeous spring weather is on its way this week!!! Yayyyy!! Starting on Wednesday we are to have sunny skies and temperatures in the 70's!!!

I am trying to talk my DH into taking me to Washington to see the cherry blossoms! We'll see! He's on spring break this week!!!

BUT with the nice weather coming, a part of me thinks we should just stay home and do some things around home here.

BUT, alas....there will always be stuff to do here at home, right? :-)

Sooooo, perhaps we will be Washington D.C. bound by the latter part of the week. We'll see. :-)


Joyce said...

ooohh...pretty new background!

We were happy during the TN-Ohio St. game but disappointed at the TN-Michigan State outcome. They were so close.

Hope you get to see the Cherry Blosssoms-I love them. It is so brown up here still. Nothing is peeking thru the ground anywhere yet. I'm going South though where apparently they are wearing sundresses and capris. I was in my winter coat on Saturday! The packing is taking some thinking.

Have a wonderful Easter...not sure how much blogging I'll get to this week since I'm going to be with my girls but I'm aiming for the Random Dozen : )

Joyce said...

forgot to say I love the mother in law made one very similar for my youngest but its a light blue. The stitch looks similar though...very pretty!

Stephani said...

Love the new background and that afghan! Can you please, please, please tell me how you changed the font on your blog title? I've got a new background I want to play with, but I want to change my header. Blessings to you!

Jewel said...
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Mary said...

The background is beautiful! The picture of the little one: too funny!