Thursday, February 18, 2010

Making the most of winter!

This past Saturday afternoon Daniel, Erin and little Jaylon and Ed and I went to Ash Cave for a leisurely hike and some invigorating fresh air. Once we reached the cave, we discovered the park rangers had a bonfire going which really felt good! :-)

Below are some great pictures....thank you, Jesus...... we took. I'm am amazed and thankful at how well they turned out!!

After finishing our hike, we went to Pizza Crossing for our favorite pizza! Oh my!!! :-) Pizza Crossing pizza is my favorite food group! :-) Ed had lasagna and Erin had spaghetti. Jaylon ate a little bit of everything and entertained all of the people around us! :-)

Later, we came home and settled in for some rousing games of Euchre. Daniel keeps a running tally of our wins and losses and at the present time, he and Erin are ahead by like 7 games! *sigh* Oh well. Ed and I may never catch up to them but we sure are having fun trying!! :-)


Today was the first day of school for our local district since last Friday but we are on Plan A which means the buses are running limited routes.

I don't think we are supposed to have any more snow until next Monday or Tuesday.
AND while I do love the is so beautiful...I am getting just a weeee bit weary of it. *sigh*

I'm needing a little hint of springtime. *sigh*


If YOU'RE needing a little springtime pick-me-up, too, you might trying clicking HERE! My friend sent this to me and I thought it was so sweet! Just click all over the page or hold the mouse button down and just move it over the picture!
Happy Thursday!! :-)

I'm off to bake some cookies!! Mrs. Lemon at Lemonade Living got me all inspired with this post, though she was a bit more ambitious than I am! Thanks, Mrs. Lemon!! :-)


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I just have to wonder. Was there a little boy named Calvin with a stuffed tiger at your place? The pic of the "Calvin & Hobbes snowman" is a riot.

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Those are amazing pictures! What a beautiful family! You are a blessed woman!

And, we LOVE to play Euchre!!! We met in Indiana and spent our high school and college years playing Euchre. Once we moved to Kansas we discovered no one around here has even heard of it. So sad!

Project Runway tonight! I can't wait... but I may not be able to watch it until tomorrow.

Mrs. NB

Jewel said...

Glad you liked it, Sir, but I'll have to google the calvin and hobbes snowman. the picture just kind of said it all for me, you know?
Hey, Mrs. NB! Thank you so much! Oh, we have so much fun playing euchre! It would be so great if you could find another couple that knows how to play! :-(
I know! I get so excited about PR but know that I'll never be able to stay awake that late, so I always watch it the next day! I looooove this season!

Stace said...

Lovely pics!! Snow looks awesome, I wish it would snow here!! hehe

lagirl/Sweet Tea said...

Beautiful photos.
What a great days outing.
If I lived where there was snow I would never go outdoors. I just can't handle "cold" or the muckiness of snow, but even I must admit it is beautiful to see...We are quite the game playing family, but I have never heard of "Euchre". What sort of game is it?

Theresa said...

I love the snowman! AND I so relate to needing a hint of Spring--actually I don't want just a hint.

Jewel said...

Hi you all ever get snow in Australia? I know it is your summer now, right?
Hi LAgirl....It is a card game. You can probably find the instructions online. It is addictive, so you have been warned! :-)
Hi Theresa! Yes, but, dear one, I've heard a nasty rumor that we are to get MORE snow this next week, possibly on Monday or Tuesday. *sighhhh* :-/

Joyce said...

Such pretty pictures...I love their red coats against all the white.

Enjoy your weekend!

Jewel said...

Thanks, Joyce! That's what I thought, too! We are all big Ohio State fans and that's what the kids were wearing....OSU garb! :-) AND red is my fave color! I don't know why I wasn't decked out in it! :-)