Thursday, February 11, 2010

A backlog of posts!

I have so many things that I want to blog about but hardly the time to do it! You see, Jaylon is on the go and herding taking care of him is not very conducive to blogging. :-)
Speaking of the little guy, we had put a rocking toy in our bedroom doorway to keep him from going in there. I know, I know...why not just shut the door? Because when the sun is shining, I just love to have that door open because it brightens up the kitchen and my spirits and so on and so forth. :-)

Anywayyyy.....Jaylon conquered the riding toy blockade this week as evidenced in the photos below:

BUT! We're on top of this, folks. Yes, we are. :-) The said riding toy has been replaced with a gate, which we've had in reserve and probably should have had up there instead of the riding toy, but, hey, better late than never AND I wouldn't have gotten these cute pictures if I'd had the gate up! :-)
Oh, and in case you're wondering why he was so determined to get into the bedroom? Well, I was in the bathroom which is just beyond the bedroom and he was wanting to get to me!!! :-)
I have been cooking a little more than normal the past few days. Probably because we've been snowed in. :-) One day I fixed All-American is my new-found favorite meatloaf of all times! Oh my!

AND one morning, about mid-morning, I fixed a layered breakfast dish for us. The first layer was hashbrown potatoes....yes, I peeled and grated them myself! :-) Next was a layer of scrambled eggs, shredded cheese, sliced turkey bratwurst and topped with sauteed onions and green and red peppers. It was soooo delicious!

Well, I need to go and get ready for little Jaylon's arrival! He's coming over late this morning because Erin is leaving for work a little later than usual.
Have a great day, everyone!


Barbara H. said...

He's a determined little guy!

I make a layered dish with hash browns (though I usually use frozen :-) ), eggs, bacon, and cheddar cheese. Mmmm....

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Those pictures are too cute! What a sweetie!

Mrs. NB

kara with a k said...

What a cutie! And a smart one, too!

Meatloaf is one of my favorites, yours looks awesome (and I always have mine with scallopped potatoes and green beans too! yummmmm!)

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

It's funny to watch the determination of a little one.

It's hard to beat a good meatloaf.