Friday, February 26, 2010

And that's all I have to say about that! :-)
Angie at Angie's Ad Lib is having a Spring Blogiversary giveaway in celebration of her one-year blogging anniversary! You can enter here if you become a follower of her blog and leave a comment! Angie blogs her thoughts about life, her family and whatever else strikes her fancy. To me, her blog is a breath of fresh air! :-)

Angie is a mom to 4 great kids and has been married for 21 years! She also has a food blog at Angie's Home Cooking!
I think I am in denial about my love of pink. I have been pondering this ever since I answered Question 12 of THIS Random Dozen. I said that of red and pink that red is my favorite color but I do like pink....ALOT! But when I go into a clothing store, I am just naturally drawn to red, THOUGHHHHHH now that I really think about it, I do have a really pretty spring jacket that is a print and primarily pink with "sequels' on it. I walked into Catherine's that day and there was that jacket just hanging there all sequelly and all, just begging me to buy it and I did!!! Only because it was on sale and I had a $10 off coupon AND I signed up for a charge card and got more off!
And I always get alot of compliments when I wear pink. Our den is done in Ohio State red and gray, while our bedroom is decorated in rose, country green, deep burgundy and shades of pink.
Soooooo, my conclusion is that I like them both about the same! :-)
BUT I have to say that red just edges out pink a tad because it always reminds me of the precious blood of Jesus that He shed for me and what a difference He has made in my life! :-)

Jaylon loves his little books. :-) I must read his books to him at least two times a day but on Wednesday, I know that I read some of his books to him 7 times, especially his "Spot Goes to the Beach" book. And he loves his "Our Big, Big God" book.
AND I discovered that he thinks I should read to him whenever I sit down in the living room. :-) It is so cute!
I'll admit that none of his books are very long or involved but once in awhile, I just don't feel like reading another book,k?
Sooooo, Ed said he would read to him yesterday morning while I fixed breakfast and it was soooo cute listening to them. Ed changed words and skipped pages :-0 and it didn't make any difference to Jaylon. :-)
I told Daniel and Erin that by the time Jaylon is really talking he should be able to read these books to me frontwards and backwards! :-) Oh, here is a picture of him wearing his little bookbag that we keep his "bookies" in:

AND he calls his little books "ooks" and he says it really quietly but loud enough that you can hear him. It is soooooooo adorable! :-)
Well, I am going to and work on the afghan that I am making for my niece Bethany's little baby girl Hayley, that she is due to have on March 4th! It will be the first little girl in my sister Bev's family. They have four beautiful boys and are so excited about little Hayley, as we all are!! :-)

Stay warm, everyone, and I hope the snow is not causing too much of a hardship for you.
Joyce, at From This Side of the Pond has some great pictures of the snow where she lives in New Jersey.


Nel said...

Enjoyed reading what is going on in your corner of blog land. Aren't those grandbabies just special. I have not seen mine since Christmas and it is about to kill me. Will be seeing her in March tho and we are trying to work it out where she can come and stay a week over spring break...we shall see.
I take it you guys are still having cold weather. It got up to 59 degrees here today. Crazy...
Hope you have a great weekend.

until next time... nel

Joyce said...

I love the backpack picture-so so cute!

The sun is out big and bright this morning and I must say all that sun on all that snow is spectacular.

Theresa said...

I absolutely love the little cartoon! I can really relate to it, because I am SO tired of snow and cold and ice and cold.

Eva is like Jaylon, she loves books, loves to be read to, and is very good with them. Zesty is another story. He likes to eat them. Mrs. Lemon is having a fit.

Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I must agree with my wife that the comic is great. I love it. If it were just so easy, I'd be finding a groundhog of my own to threaten.

It really gets fun when the grandkids start reading. Our oldest grandson is an advanced reader and he blew me away as a first grader with a Bearenstein Bears book that had the phrase "intergalactic starcruiser" in it. He pronounced it flawlessly.

Barbara H. said...

LOL at the cartoon! I quite understand even if we haven't had the excess snow some places have had.

I can't wait to read to grandchildren! He looks so cute with his little backpack. Did you save books from your kids or buy all new? I love the idea of reading the same exact books I read to my children, but I also worry about sanitation from old musty books in little hands that go in little mouths.

LOL at your pink vs. red likes. I've always said I didn't like red, but I do have a couple of maroon things I like and one jumper that's a dark red. leaning toward maroon. My daughter-in-law likes red, so I am getting more used to it and less antagonistic to it. :-)

Angie's Ad Lib said...

Just sittin here in my bright PINK shirt reading the sweet words you wrote about my blog and give-away! Thank you! Looking through the comments and then going to pick a winner. Good Luck!