Sunday, December 06, 2009

More randomness

Sooooo.....last Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, my friend Pam and I went out for lunch at Jack's Steakhouse where every Friday they have a lunch special for $4.95 which consists of a killer fishtail sandwich (it's huge!), steakfries, cole slaw and dessert. Yes, you read that correctly! You get all of that for the amazing price of $4.95! I love it!!
Afterwards, we went to see The Blindside. Well, the theater was a bit drafty so I put my coat down around my legs, kept my gloves on and as the movie started, I dozed off. I must have slept through a little more than half of it. I mean, I had just eaten a nice lunch, I was all cozy and warm and it was bound to happen! Plus, I had had a fairly busy morning, so I was ready for a nap, though the theater might not be the best place to take one though it worked well for me!!! :-)
Anywayyyyy.....the part that I did see was really good!
Soooo.....yesterday, I asked Ed, my DH, if he wanted to go see it as I had missed the first half of it and he did! AND I want you to know that I stayed awake for the entire movie!!!! Yay!!! :-) AND it is indeed a wonderful movie! But you have to be sure and stay for the credits because they show alot of pictures and so on at the very end as people are leaving. We don't go to the movies very often but we had heard that this one was really good and we usually go to the movies at Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years as it has become a sort of tradition for us like the Christmas Parade.
Afterwards, we stopped at Speedway and got a hotdog BECAUSE they have the BEST hotdogs and I had a craving for one!!!! AND what IS it about the way they cook them on those roller cooking thingies that makes them sooooooo scrumptious?!?!?!
AND one last thing! Ed has asked me what I want for Christmas and really? I don't need a thing and can't think of anything that I really want, sooo I told him that I would like to give a good offering to Christmas for Christ which is a program in our organization (UPCI) that supports Home Missionaries and starting new churches. So, we will be doing that.
AND I've always wanted to go to NYC at Christmastime! We are cautiously considering this and looking at our options. I mean, it is, no doubt, going to be very cold in NYC at this time of year and we will be doing alot of walking and will we be able to get a room at a decent price. Oh, and we are planning to drive instead of fly. So, there is alot to consider. I'll keep you posted!!! It's so exciting to think about!!! I loooove NYC....anytime of the year!!!
Well, I have to go and get ready for church! Have a blessed Sunday, everyone!!
Oh, and did I mention that it is 15 chilly degrees here in SE Ohio this morning?!?! BRRRRR!!!!!!


Don Ryan said...

Charity and I will be in NYC next week. You should come out!

Jewel said...

Thank you for the invitation but there is one little 23lb. deterrent named Jaylon! :-)
Erin has four days off for Christmas so we are thinking of going then.
You will be in NYC for work? Where will you be staying?

Theresa said...

Is that steakhouse the same place you & I went for lunch?? If so, they do have good food!

I hope you & Ed get to make your trip to NYC! Make sure you take your camera, that way we can all enjoy it afterwards.

Jewel said...

No, you and I went to Old Dutch and it is a good place to eat, too, though a bit pricier. :-) Well, it is looking like we may NOT be going to NYC after all. *sigh*