Saturday, December 05, 2009

Like, Major Randomness!!

You have been warned! :-) This will probably be a jumbled up mess of everything from the past two weeks!

If you have stopped by my blog during this past week, you've, no doubt, noticed that I've been playing around with my blog design! How frustrating!!!!

I haven't been able to find a blogheader image that I like and when I did find one that I liked, it wouldn't fit! Grrrrr!! Sooooo, at this point.....I'm leavin' it!!!

I even found a website that gave instructions on how to remove the border from the header but I lost it into cyberspace and haven't been able to find it again!! Soooooo.....what you see? Yeah, that's it. *sigh*

I like pictures. I don't care for what I call "Patchwork" design or "Scrapbook" design. I mean, I love it on other blogs...just not mine. Ladies, you know how we are: We know what we want. :-)

AND, what with having dial-up, it has been supremely frustrating, to say the least!!! It takes forever to do anything like blog design.
Our Thanksgiving was wonderful!

This year, we bought a fresh turkey. Every time I've said that, I've instantly thought of how people used to say a young person was getting "fresh" when they flirted with you or spoke to you inappropriately. Do any of you remember that terminology? But I couldn't think of anything that a "fresh" turkey might say when looking death in the eye! LOL SIR, I think you, of all people, would be able to come up with something!! :-) Help me out here! Please?!?!
Anywayyyyy.....the turkey was absolutely scrumptious! The best we've ever had! I put it in the oven at about 3am and ohhhhhh, when we woke up later, the house was filled with the blessed aroma of turkey!! Is there any better smell???? *sighhhh*

As the morning progressed, I made light rolls, noodles , dressing AND REAL mashed potatoes made with evaporated milk and real butter. Oh yum! A little while later, I made a peach pie for Ed because that is his favorite and he doesn't really care for pumpkin pie.

Daniel came over at around 10:30 that morning to change the oil in his car, came in the house and immediately grabbed two warm rolls and started eating them! :-) He came in and snatched a couple more before he went home! :-)

We enjoyed Thanksgiving dinner with Erin's family at two that afternoon, but I always make a Thanksgiving meal for Ed and me to enjoy during the weekend.
My family all gathered in Logan on Saturday afternoon for the annual Christmas parade. I wasn't able to go last year because of my hip surgery, thus I was so excited about going this year! Not all of the family could be there but those of us who were had such a wonderful time. I had called most everyone and reminded them to bring bags for the kids to put their candy in! :-)

Those little ones scrambled to get the candy that was thrown to them like they had never had a piece of candy before in their lives! :-) Go figure!

My twin-brother Johnny won "Best Walking Unit" in the parade! :-) He, his son and daughter-in-law gave out candy and stuffed animals as one of his other workers drove on of the business trucks in the parade!

All-in-all, we had a great time!
Jaylon loves to bang things together, whether it is blocks or whatever he can get his little hands on, so I got the idea of giving him something cymbal-like to bang together. Alas! Aluminum foil pie pans! He loves them!!! As you can see in this picture!!! :-)


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

The turkey could say (in your best Gary Coleman voice) "You gonna put the stuffin' in where? What you talkin' bout?".

Our eldest made a turkey shortly after she was married. She didn't know that you had to reach in and take out the giblet bag. She got her hand in the turkey, then asked "Now what?". I told her to quickly lift up the turkey and make him dance while saying (in a high pitched voice) "Hi I'm Mr. Turkey. I'm here to entertain you". She wasn't amused.

Jewel said...

LOL I knew you could do it, Sir!! I can just hear Gary Coleman sayin' that!
Yes, I think most of us have forgotten about the giblets at one time or another! :-)