Monday, December 21, 2009

Good Monday Morning, World!

We have snow! For Christmas! Yayyyy! And we don't have too so many on the east coast...yet, we have enough to make it feel and look so Christmasy! Above is a picture of our home that I took on Sunday morning, yesterday, as we were going to church!


It has been a busy weekend and past few days! Wow. Friday evening, we went shopping for our weekly groceries and then came home and waited for the snow! Oh, how I was hoping we would get some, because we were right on the line on "getting or not getting" very much snow.

Happily, we awoke Saturday morning to a covering and it continued to snow throughout the morning. Our Sunday School Christmas Program practice was canceled but our family Christmas gathering later in the day was not, thankfully.

We all gathered at the church in the afternoon and enjoyed a delicious variety of food and a great time of just being together! Only one nephew and his family was unable to be there! And my three nephews, who are truckdrivers, all made it home safely before the snow hit! One of my nephews said he had alot of fellow-drivers who were stuck in the mountains in New York and other points east.

Erin's mother and two friends took The Funbus (a local tour company) on an overnighter to do some Christmas shopping and I still don't know if they've made it home or not. Hopefully, they have!
Gotta go...the boy is after the kitty!!! He's on the move!!! LOL Be back later hoperfully!


Theresa said...

I love snow ON Christmas day, but I could just as well do without it any other time. (I guess because I still HAVE to get out in it and go to work.)

Glad that the snow didn't stop your family get together.

Have a lovely week, and if I don't get to talk to you before Friday, have a great Christmas!

Jewel said...

Well....I love the snow on the ground as long as the roads are okay, which is how it is here in our area at the present time, because Ed, Daniel and Erin do have to drive in it, too.
It has just been flurrying lightly today and with the snow on the ground and frozen on the trees, it is just beautiful!
I'd love to make it up to Mt. Vernon sometime over the holidays as Ed has some days off, so we'll see! :-)
You have a blessed Christmas, too, Theresa! ((HUGS))