Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Stimulating the economy!

Yes, that's what we've been doing: Our part in helping to stimulate the U.S. economy and are we ever glad to do it! *smile* We got our stimulus check Monday, so before and after I went to Dr. Meszaros yesterday, I did a little shopping. Very light shopping but I did pump a little money into our struggling economy.
My doctor's visit was a follow-up from the injections I had had on June 5. He told me that the pain relief I had experienced for 12 hours following the injections was from the pain medicine he gave me before giving me the actual injections. Sooooo, on to Plan B! Next Wednesday, he will be giving me ONE injection of a different sort and it will be in a different area of my spine. Down lower. Then we will see how that does. If the results are not what we want, then we are looking at surgery. Now, there was a time when I would not even begin to consider surgery but procedures have advanced so much since then, so I am going to really seriously consider it and pray about it.
These past couple of days have been terribly painful. You may ask: How can you shop if you are in so much pain? Wellllll.......there are things we need and also things that HAVE to be done, so I guess you could just say that I push through the pain. Like yesterday, after I was done at the doctor's office. I went over to Walmart to pick up a few things that we needed. It hurts to get in and out of the car......pretty intensely. But, I have my moves all figured out to make it the easiest to get in and out of each of our cars. Every car is different and takes a little different maneuvering to get in and out of. Next, I get my trusty walker out of the trunk and head for the store, where I get a motorized cart. It is sometimes very painful for me to get situated onto one of those, but I do it. Then, depending on what kind of cart it is, it can be painful to ride the thing. Somtimes they jerk pretty hard when you take off and when you stop. Pain! *feeble grin* How can I grin? Well, I just have to!!! And maybe it is because I have dealt with this now for 3 1/2 years, so I guess you get used to it?
Wellllll.....I didn't mean to go on and on! It is just that I never really understood what it was/is like for people who suffer from chronic pain until it happened to me and if I can help someone else to have a better understanding of it, then that is a good thing, I believe.
You can't always "see" pain. Well, that is, unless you get a look at me! LOL If you can't tell I am in pain by the way I walk, then you hafta be blind! LOL It is not a pretty sight. I've had people tell me...."stand up straight, suck your stomach in, hold your head up, yadayadayada....." Usually it is my sister Debbie or my friend(?) Neda! They get a free pass.......*smile* They have their own issues! LOL
Well, I need to go and get ready for church. We are still teaching our Bible study before church on Wed. evening. We started out with Bill and Doug. Bill's oldest brother joined us last Wednesday. He's been coming to church off and on for about a month. AND tonight his younger brother is joining us!!! Isn't this great!!! They are so hungry for the word of the Lord!! We feel so privileged to be leading these precious men into a closer relationship with the Lord. Jim may even get baptized tonight!! God is so good!!!
Have a wonderful evening!!

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