Thursday, July 24, 2008


I just can't seem to get my blog the way I want it! Can you tell?? *feeble grin* Now, I am really liking this present look. I love pink. It just makes me feel happy and good inside, you know? But I have only one or two pieces of clothing that are pink. I do have some pink in our home here but it is more of a rose color, a deep shade of pink as opposed to bright pink. Anywayyyy.....I will probably be tweaking and playing around with my blog appearance for awhile, so you have been warned. It would be cool if I could like put a top layer over it saying something like "Caution: Remodeling Taking Place. Enter At Your Own Risk". You know, like the highway workers do when they are out smearing, uh.....I mean, working on the roads. *cough...cough* My mom used to see them standing around along side the road leaning on their shovels and so on and she would always say...."well, I see they're out smearing around again." It was so funny the way she said it. *smile* Honestly, sometimes it does seem like that is what they are doing. BUT I must say that they have done a bang-up job on OUR main road....St. Rt. 595! Newly paved, widened, new lines! It is awesome and the first time since we have lived here.....15 years!! Now our township road.....the one we ACTUALLY live on? Well, that 's another story altogether! We used to have an older man who was the head trustee. Our roads were always in good shape BUT people voted him out and voted in this young whippersnapper a couple of elections ago and our roads have never been the same!!!!
Okay, okay, I'm done! I hope you are having a wonderful summer and a good week!
Oh, and I thought of just going ahead and doing my blog in Ohio State colors and motif because I will be doing that come fall, BUT I decided to hold off for awhile longer. AND the pink does lift my spirits! *smile* Ta Ta for now!!


Theresa said...

I can't wait for the Scarlet and Grey to re-appear!! That's my favorite! (Although pink is pretty.)

Jewel said...

Well, the wait not be as long as I had said, but I won't be doing it until after camp this week! *smile* Hope you are doing well! (HUGS)

Barbara H. said...

I love pink! It's a nice color for this time of year when so many flowers are in bloom.

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! Yes, I'm staying with the least for now! *smile*