Thursday, July 03, 2008

Birthday celebration

Noooo, not mine, but my niece, April's , my sister Debbie's daughter. Her birthday was last Saturday, so Debbie and our sister Bev and I surprised April by showing up where she works...on Friday...and taking her out to lunch. She didn't have long and is trying to eat healthy, so we went to Subway. I loooooove Subway. She was absolutely surprised and we had a great time. She and Bev work at the same place though in different offices in Riverview Diagnostic Center in Lancaster. Well, Bev was running interference and I was running a little late (the story of my life *feeble grin*) so I asked Bev to go tell April we were on our way, only to find out that she couldn't go to lunch until 1:30 because so many people had taken off that day. We were going to be there a little before noon which is her regular lunchtime. Soooooooo, I decided that Debbie and I would just take a nice leisurely ride and take the long way to Lancaster by going out Clear Creek Road and so on. Many years ago, when I first came into the church, I worked in the Outreach Program and the bus route I worked on took these same roads every Sunday morning. It brought back alot of memories to drive along them once again. Well, Debbie doesn't really like to take drives along back roads (these were all paved though they were secondary roads) but, hey, I was driving and we had some time to kill. (She ended up going to sleep on me anyway...AFTER I so kindly stopped at a convenience store and bought her a snack to hold her over until lunch. She is a diabetic. She always has an excuse! LOL) Along the way, we passed two covered bridges and I took pictures. So as not to be redundant, you can view the one covered bridge a couple of posts down, k? *smile* Here is the other one:

Of course, once we arrived at our sister Bev's place of work, everyone would look at me, then look at Bev, then look at me, and say, "You two HAVE to be sisters, right?" Well, yeah......

What do you all think? Bev, Debbie and I do have a wonderful time together. After lunch with April, Debbie and I were on our way home and Debbie piped up and said, "Boy, Bev is really spry, isn't she?" I had just been thinking the same thing! I mean, Debbie has to cart her oxygen along with her and I have my walker as my walking companion and everyone kept telling us, "You two go on ahead. You need a headstart. We'll catch up." Heyyyyyyy......*feeble grin* But it's true. AND Bev is the oldest!!! But I have to admit that she does get around great! She is going to be 60 in July, so none of us is really old, even if we DID think our parents were really OLD at our age! Why is that??? *smile* I am 56 and Debbie is 58. I feel about 35 inside and then I stand up! Argh! LOL Well, I can laugh about it tonight anyway. Some days, it's not so easy to do so. *feeble grin*
I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend!!

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