Friday, July 18, 2008

My sister is 60!

I can hardly believe it! Do we ever think that we are going to be as old as our parents were? My oldest sister, Bev, just turned 60 this past Wednesday, so, of course, we sisters and sisters-in-law took her out for dinner to celebrate. We had a wonderful time, of course. I am 3 short years behind her. But, thankfully, age does not bother us. We are who we are, hm? And I think we are doing wonderfully! *smile*
Bev's little grandson, Nathen, turns one on the 20th. Sooooo, we will be going to his big party tomorrow at Rising Park in Lancaster. Most of the family will be there so it should be a great time!
Daniel had his wisdom teeth cut out this morning and has been here with me and Ed since about eleven o'clock this morning. Erin had to go back to work and he wasn't to be by himself. He's been in pretty rough shape all day, but has slept alot. I think his weekend is going to be pretty low-key as he recovers. Erin brought supper to us when she got off of work and they are spending the evening with us, even as I type this.
On Wednesday, I got the second injection in my back. It doesn't seem to be helping. :-/ Soooooo, we are going to be seriously praying and considering what to do next, if anything. I was so hoping that this injection would offer some relief. All I know is that the Lord knows what is best and I am trusting Him and asking Him to guide my steps and show me what to do.
Campmeeting begins a week from Monday, on July 28. I am getting so excited! I plan to go to the evening services for sure, but I would love to and stay. It is so wonderful to see so many friends and be in the morning services. We'll see. I just found out this afternoon that a friend of mine is staying all week and she can help me with a few things that I need assistance with. Thank you, Jesus!!
Have a blessed weekend, everyone!!!


J.D. Scorpio said...

Hello Jewel:
It's been a while, How are you and Ed doing?
I was born a little over 2 months before Peral Harbor, so 60 don't look so bad...*S*
I just thought I would tip-toe in and say, "HI"... I like to leave footprints where ever I go so folks will know I was there..
Have a great day..... JD

Jewel said...

Hi J.D.! Thanks for stopping by. No, I don't imagine sixty does look too bad to you! And I don't think it is old either like I did when my parents were that age, you know? have a great weekend!