Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Labor Day Weekend Update

Hello everyone! We had such a great weekend. We left at about 1pm Saturday afternoon and firstly stopped by the Sweet Corn Festival in Millersport, Ohio so we could visit with and see all of our dear friends from Mt. Vernon church. Their church does all of the sweet corn for this festival. Now, I've been there before and have seen them husk, clean and cook the corn, but I NEVER noticed how they buttered it. And, Ohhhhhhh, to they butter it! They take like this basket of cooked corn on the cob and SOAK it in this metal container of hot, melted butter! Oh baby, oh baby......Well, I got about 4 or 5 ears of corn and Sis. Garrett found me a knife and I cut the corn off of the cob, salt and peppered it and Ed and I feasted on the best corn we've ever eaten! It was so delish!!! We cut it off of the cob because I hate to get the corn between my teeth and Ed can't eat it off of the cob very well. After eating and visiting for awhile, left and headed for Canton, Ohio. I've not been to Canton before but I do know that the Football Hall of Fame is there. Now, if Daniel and Erin had been with us, we probably would have gone there, but since it was just me and Ed, we drove right on by. *smile* We stayed at a very nice Comfort Inn and looked forward to going to Minerva the next morning where we were going to surprise our wonderful friends, the Ryans. Donnie pastors Christian Life Center in Minerva now. There was such a wonderful presence of the Lord in Sunday School and the worship service! Afterward, we had a cookout and fellowship. We were there until about four-thirty that afternoon. We had such a good time of eating and visiting. One of the ladies in the church made the best pumpkin pie I've ever eaten! And, yes, there was cool whip! The congregation may be small at the present time, but we could feel such a spirit of unity among them and there is such an air of expectancy in their midst. We are so excited for them. Here are a few pics of Donnie, Charity, Becky, Michael and Gabrielle.

Little Gabrielle looks tired in the pic above,hm? Bless her heart....but she was playing enthusiastically when we were leaving at 4:30pm! *smile* We had planned to stay two nights but we just don't sleep very well in hotels/motels. *sigh* So we drove home and slept wonderfully in our own bed Sunday night! I mean, what is a person to do who wants to go away for the weekend or longer, knowing they have to stay in a motel/hotel and probably won't sleep very well??? We take our own pillows and our lack of sleep was not the fault of the motel.....the bed was very comfy and all. Does this mean we may never take a lengthy vacation again? I don't know. At this point in my life, one thing I know for sure is that I have learned the value of a good night's sleep. Maybe we need to take drugs to help us sleep? But then we'll feel dopey the next day....what to do, what to do. Any suggestions??? (watch travel videos?? *grin*)

So after a wooooonnnnderful night's sleep, we were up early Monday morning, ready to celebrate Labor Day! *smile* Okay, so we didn't ACTUALLY do any celebrating, but we did labor, doing odds and ends of things here at home. I fixed us a nice breakfast and we just enjoyed the day! Actually, there was an all-day marathon of Top Chef on Bravo and I watched some of it while I crocheted on another Ohio State afghan! And how 'bout them Buckeyes!?!?!?!? I'm thinkin' the game this coming weekend isn't going to be quite the walk-in-the-park that this first game was but it should be exciting! Finishing up our Labor Day festivities...*grin*.....we rode into town.....(sounds like we hitched up ol' Nellie to the wagon and hit the dusty trail,hm?? LOL) and shopped for groceries, came home, and called it a day.

Gosh, but sometimes we sound so OOOOOLLLLLDDDD, don't we?

We used to go to bed at about 10:30 every night but for the past few nights we've been going to bed at about 9:30. Of course, no matter what time we go to bed, we are awake and up by six most mornings. Most nights, we both read for awhile after we have gone to bed. Anywayyyy....."early to bed, early to rise, makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise"!

Well, that's a wrap, folks! Our weekend in a nutshell! Goodnight and God Bless!! Until tomorrow.........

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Theresa said...

Jewel, it was so good to get to see you on Saturday. (Even though it was only for a few seconds!) I'm glad you had such a fun weekend. I've posted some more pictures from our trip on Monday.

I can really relate to your early nights! I'm more than ready for bed by 9:30. (Ross is usually still on the computer checking out his sports sites.)

Speaking of sports, Ross told me this morning that Texas is now ranked #2, so that means that Saturday is going to be pivotal! I mean we've got OSU (#1) playing Texas (#2). Of course, I have to work Saturday, so that means I'm dependent on the goodwill of my customers to keep me informed on the game's progress.**frustrated grin**

Talk to you soon. Love ya!