Monday, September 11, 2006

A new fan is born

Ed, my husband, in previous years, has taken some pleasure in harrassing me and Daniel whenever the Buckeyes were playing, telling us that they were not as good as everyone said and then rooting for the other team, yadyadayada......and it had the desired effect: making me and the boy really mad! He seldom sat down and watched a game with us.I mean, I just don't understand how you can be from Ohio and not root for the Buckeyes....go figure.

Welllllllll.....there has been a change in the Cavinee household! First of all, last week when we were on our way to Canton/Minerva, HE/ED tuned the radio into the game and then searched for another station when the one we were listening to faded out. Before, he could have cared less. THENNNNNN.....come Saturday evening, he made sure he was ready and in his recliner with beverage and snacks at hand, to watch the game. And he watched the ENTIRE game! And he cheered and rooted along with me, as I crocheted on another scarlet and gray afghan! *smile* I could hardly believe it! I told him it was so great to have him on my last! And we did have so much fun watching the game together. Of course, when something big happened I was either calling someone and yelling into the phone or they were calling me doing the same. I have a network of family and friends who I call while watching the game. This consists of Elder Sis. Martin, Arlene (a dear friend), of course, Daniel, my brother-in-law Bud, and sometimes my brothers, Johnny and Bill. Saturday night I received a call and all I could hear was the OSU fight song and I was laughing and screaming, "who is this?". It was Arlene!! She's as crazy as I am!

Well, anywayyyy....we stayed up till the very end of the game and what a game it was. I will be honest and say that I was not looking for the Buckeyes to win this one. I mean, there had been so much hype about the Longhorns quarterback, Colt McCoy and their running back, Jamaal Charles and concerns expressed about our defense and having 7 new players this year.

So, I am a fan should we believe that they are going to win every game? If you are a true fan, is it okay to think that they might not win every game? Dave Maetzold, a sports commentator from Columbus, was on 610 WTVN radio last week saying that he just didn't think the Bucks could win this one and he REALLY caught alot of flack, let me tell you.

Well, they play Cincinnati this weekend and barring any unforseen incidents, we will be watching! Go Buckeyes!


Theresa said...

Jewel, I was getting lots of text messages on my cell phone from Liz, wanting to know scores, etc. It was sooooo much fun sharing an OSU game with her that way! (Her wonderful husband, Dustin, thinks we have all lost our minds! He's not a Bucks fan, but we love him anyway!)

I don't see any harm in being a realistic fan. I WANT the Bucks to win every game, but I KNOW that that is not reality. However, if they go undefeated, it wouldn't hurt my feelings at all.

Liz said...

well, he doesn't bleed scarlet and gray, but he is a fan. he stole my osu hat. oh well, I don't look good in hats anyhow.

Yes, I'm certain the game this weekend will be a flogging.

Anonymous said...

ok I think that I am where Bro. Ed WAS...I could care less if the football even existed!!! BUT...BASEBALL...ooohhh BABY!!! Now we are talkin....My husband will bleed scarlet and gray until he dies!! Which will be quick if he don't STOP screaming with his family at that STUPID tv!!! It's JUST football!!?!?!