Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Another change in our lives

I know that some of you know this already, but for those of you who don't: Daniel and Erin will be transferring to Nelsonville UPC sometime this month. Erin's father pastors there and many of her family members attend there also. Although we know that this is a good move for them and that they have prayed about this and it is the direction the Lord is taking them, it is still a bit difficult for us. Daniel has always gone to church with us. *little smile* I know, I know.... it is not like they are going to Timbuktu. As a parent, though, I've always had him there with me and at times when I struggled to do what was right or to maintain a right attitude, his presence there, watching me, made me do the right thing, you know? Or if I was having some difficulty......we do have those even in the house of the Lord sometimes.......somehow having Daniel there made it easier to deal with.

Oh, we know we'll still see them alot, especially on Sunday at dinner time. *grin* And we don't mind at all. But there is going to kind of be an empty place at church now for us. He's always sat with us in church or in front of us. Oh, and he is our drummer, too. Hopefully, the Lord will help us to fill that vacancy. We're trusting Him, too.

They...Daniel and Erin.....stopped by here Labor Day evening to give me a couple of things they had bought for me at Jeffersonville Outlets. Here's a pic of them! Go Buckeyes!! More for my collection!

So, if you would be so kind, please pray for us as this change takes place in our lives. They talked with Pastor Martin and he was so supportive of them. This weekend was supposed to be their last week in Logan, but I believe that is going to be extended because of VBS and our big finale program which we are having on the 24th of this month. I'll let you know more and also we will be having a going away party for them.....of course! :-)


Theresa said...

Jewel, I will be praying! I know how you feel very well. When Liz and Dustin were married and moved to Florence, KY, it was very hard not to just keep running to KY for church. I missed her soooo bad!!! But, knowing that they are doing the Lord's Will and that they are being effective ministers in their church, helps a whole lot!! I just wish that they lived close enough to have Sunday dinners with! **big grin**

Being the parents of adult children is a position that takes more practice than any other parenting!! Love ya!

Jewel said...

It's good to know that you understand and have been where I am going...*little smile*. I talked to Daniel last night and he said that this Sunday will be their last "official" Sunday, but they will be back on the 24th for the VBS finale. That is when we will be having their going away dinner, too, that morning after service.