Monday, September 25, 2006

Previous Post Continuation

I apologize for ending my previous post so abruptly but something came up here at home that I had to tend to pronto!
I kind of got on a kick about music and lead sheets and so on, hm??? Continuing on with that just a bit: When I took piano lessons, my lessons were recorded, but nothing was put down on paper, ever! I don't know why. It was like it was considered cheating or something. I remember doing entire Christmas programs with nothing but a list of the songs and the keys they were played in. No words. No chords. No lead sheets. Nada. My how things have changed. I have a lead sheet for most every chorus and song that we do now. I don't use them much beyond initally learning the song and I almost always change something about them, but they are very, very helpful and make learning new songs soooo much easier than just listening, then listening again, rewinding, relistening and listening again to a song in order to learn it. Thank you, Jesus!
Okay, I'm done with that topic! *grin*
My friend Theresa is coming for a visit tomorrow! I am not sure exactly what all we will be doing but I'll report back in a day or so and let you know about the fun we had!! I am looking forward to our day together. I just hope it isn't too chilly out so we can enjoy sitting on the backporch with our tea and coffee and chatting!
Well, it is time to call it a day! The Lord's best to each of you and I hope to see you at conference! God Bless!

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