Thursday, August 31, 2006

Soggy Valley, USA

Hello everyone! Ernesto has arrived! Well, the part of him that is affecting us?? *smile* I don't mind though because we need the rain and it makes the house feel so cozy and it is so much cooler!
I had election training last night. Most of it was going over things that we already knew, but it was so good to see so many friends that I hadn't seen for awhile. I do sometimes think I don't get out around people enough now that I am not working. I always feel so pumped after being out and about and around people. Anyway, a special election is being held Thursday, Sept. 14 to elect the Republican candidate for the18th district. Bob Ney had decided not to run because of some trouble he had "run into" but he had 90 days to change his mind and he did. So now there are 5 contenders for this seat and this is the only thing that will be voted on that day. It should prove to be a verrrryyyyyy slow day at the polls. But on the upside, our precinct will be voting at a different place....Lee's Banquet Haus.......and there will be four other precincts voting there also. Soooo, there will be more food to choose from and eat.......we all carry in for the day........whoohoo!!.....and new people to meet and talk with and visit with for the day......the looooonnnnnng day, from 5:30am until 8:00pm. I will be taking copious amounts of reading material, crossword, wordsearch, etc. *grin*
Ed and I are going away for the weekend, as this is the last long weekend of the summer. We are not sure where we are going, but I'll let you know where we went when we get home,k??? *grin* It was so funny this past week because Daniel wanted to know if we were going to do something together and I told him that his dad and I were going away for the weekend and he said, "But, mom, I took Monday off so we could all do something together." Well, that kind of puzzled me, because we hadn't even discussed doing anything together. He has to work Saturday, but I thought we COULD wait until later Saturday to leave. But then I remember VBS, which we have been having on Sunday mornings all summer and this Sunday is the last session which reminded me that Daniel has a major part in VBS which I reminded him of. He immediately said that he wouldn't be able to go away then. He is very dedicated to his SS class and commmittments at church. Sooooo, it is back to being me and Ed again, going away for the weekend. Now, on the one hand, I am loving this.....just me and Ed....but then the "mom" part of me has this longing to take "the boy" (as I lovingly refer to him sometimes) and his sweet wife with us, BUT I do feel that I have to loosen up the apron strings a little more......okay, alot more.....and it will be good for Ed and I to go away together....alone. You know, we just haven't done this much in the past 19-20 years. Even since they have been married, Daniel and Erin have usually gone with us, except for the day we spent with Bob and Betty in Amish country awhile back. But Daniel had mentioned that it sure would have been nice to go with us and see Bob and Betty and Sis. Whitt. *smile* We have some idea of what we might do with our three-day vacation, but I'll wait until we return to let you know what we did, kkkk???

Well, I have a lady coming to have her hair done, so I will close this out, but I will probably post again a little later! Hope you are having a great Friday!! The Bucks play tomorrow!!

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