Friday, August 11, 2006

How 'Bout them Reds????

Though I am a bit late in reporting this, we took Daniel and Erin and Erin's brother Brian to a Red's game last Saturday. We wanted to go to this game because they were playing the Atlanta team! And Ed's, too, and kinda sorta Daniel's though he was a traitor Saturday and rooted for the Reds. Yessss, the Braves lost but they started out really well. I got to do my Braves hatchet chop thingy and do the indian tune. You know. "Oh,oh, oh-u-oh, oh,oh,oh-u-oh" That's the best I could write it here, but I think some of you might be familiar with it. Yes, I was a complete embarrassment to my family but I had to cheer for my team. And my boy, Chipper Jones, was on the disabled list!! Can you believe it?? A strained left oblique muscle. The Reds came back and won. *sigh* And before the game was over, I was feeling terrible. Tired, sicked and completely wrung out. You see, we had gotten home late from family camp the night before and now I know that the intestinal flu was in my system. I actually managed to sleep through the last part of the game. I slept for a little while on the way home but mostly was awake and it was an enjoyable ride home. The kids are so much fun to talk and kid with. Brian is a hoot! Oh and he was on crutches from having injured his ankle playing football with some friends so I was in good company! I did great though. We had to walk like 3-4 long city blocks to get to the ballpark from the parking garage.
The picture at the top left is of Bronson Arroyo. I think it is a great picture. Below are various pics from the game! Enjoy!


Sandy said...

Sounds like you had a good time!

Jewel said...

Thanks for stopping by, Sandy. We did have such a good time and we want to go down for a night game under the lights before the season is over! We'll is so busy!