Friday, August 25, 2006

My favorite day....Friday!

Well, I have been up since 6am, thanks to my trusty alarm clock. I've done one lady's hair and am awaiting my next arrival at 9am. Then I have to do my hair. In between times, I am endeavoring to paint the back porch before it gets too hot. Ed is putting a new metal roof on our home and we are having to paint all of the trim to match it. The porch is all we have left to do and hopefully we will finish it today!

Later today, I would love to go to China Fortune in Nelsonville. This is my favorite Chinese restaurant in the world. Well, not that I have been to all of the Chinese restaurants IN the known world. I haven't even been out of North America, for heaven's sake. BUT, of the Chinese restaurants I HAVE been to, this one is my fave. My favorite dish is Happy Family. It has everything in it. Chicken, pork, beef, seafood and every oriental vegetable known to man. They bring it out on this sizzling hot platter and it is to die for!!!! (Can you tell I have been on a diet for 6 weeks???? *feeble grin* Oh...uh, er.....I mean....I have been eating healthy for 6 weeks? *sorry about that little foible, WW) So last night I told Ed that I would like to go to China Fortune and have Happy Family and he said, "But we ARE a happy family!" Isn't that just so sweet? And witty? *smile* (I think he was trying to get out of footing the bill maybe for lunch? It's not gonna work.)

Even later today, we are going to take the Rockmeister (Rocky, our lab) down to Daniel and Erin's. They want to take their boxer, Heidi, and Rocky down to Stroud's Run and let them go swimming. Rocky loves to swim and fetch. I swear he would run and fetch or swim and fetch until he died! I've had to tell Daniel to stop throwing the stick or ball for Rocky because I'm afraid he'll collapse. (the dog, not Daniel *grin*) I've never seen anything like it. And Rocky runs full speed ahead so that when he reaches the ball or stick or whatever he almost and sometimes does end up rolling head over heals. I said I've never seen anything like it, but one time, when Daniel was about 10 or 11, he was riding his bike back and forth on the road in front of our house. It was a hot, humid day and our former dog, Bearly, was running after him and we had to finally tell Daniel to stop because Bearly was going to collapse. We have it on video. Bearly would follow Daniel anywhere and for however long it took. She was a lab, too. They are just such amazing dogs, so obedient and loyal and affectionate.

Well, I need to get off of here and do some "healthy" eating before my next lady arrives. *grin* Love that healthy eating!! *smile* I've lost 16 pounds!! Yeehaa!!

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