Monday, June 26, 2006

Good Monday Morning!

Hello, Hello! Well, another wonderful weekend is past and it is now Monday. Okay, I am just curious. Do you look at your week as starting on Sunday or Monday? I have always looked at Monday as the start of the week and Sunday as the last day of the week. I hope this doesn't sound too terrible but I always feel a sense of relief on Sunday night after the evening service is over and we are on our way home. Sunday is a big day for us. I teach Sr. High class on Sunday morning and do the music for the service in the sanctuary. Ed is in the soundroom and does other sundry tasks around the church as needed. Oh, and we are there early for a Senior Staff meeting at 9:00am. We also provide transportation for a couple of people on Sunday mornings. After service, I straighten up my class room, then we head somewhere for dinner or come home and fix something after taking people home. I always take my Sunday afternoon nap and we are back at church by 5pm. Although our services are not always predictable...thank you, Jesus.....we are generally out by 8:30 at the latest. After singing and worshipping and praying and then singing and worshipping and praying some more and hearing the wonderful word of the Lord and responding to it, I am pretty well zapped. Oh, I love it all, but at the end of the day, I am relieved. That is why Monday is such a veg-out day for me. I am still in my nightgown as I type this and it is 12:17pm. Now, now.....before you get all up in arms, I have made my bed, fixed breakfast, done the dishes, fed the cat and dog, cleaned Ellie's litter box, crocheted on my afghan and done other sundry tasks. ("sundry" is my word of the day! *grin* sundry: "miscellaneous, various, as in articles" Source:
I need to get myself together, though, because I am out of yarn!! I am crocheting a scarlet and gray afghan. I will post a pic of it here when I am done typing. But then again, no, I won't because I can't get the pic to upload here, although it says it has uploaded, but then it doesn't display! Grrrrrr!!! (Is that why you moved to typepad, Donnie? *feeble grin*) I am going to have to post pics to flicker over at yahoo. Okay, back to the afghan. I am a little less than halfway done with it. It is looking really good and will go great in the den which is done is scarlet and gray.....Ohio State all the way!!! *smile* Okay, to see a picture of the afghan, please click here!
Rocky, our new dog, is doing great! We keep him hooked up at night but let him loose during the day when we are here. He stays around the yard and lays on the back porch. He just likes to be near us. He is such a smart, obedient dog, though he has so much energy that when he sits and begs, his whole body is twitching! It is soooo funny! Seems I can remember having energy like that , oh, I don't know, sometime back before the war.....*feeble laugh*. Oh, I still have spurts of energy and I'll be sitting or laying down and think..."Okayyyy, I am going to jump up and get with it!".....and then I move my body.....and we aren't talking "jumping" here......okay, so jumping hasn't been in my range of body movements for sometime but the desire to do so is inside me somewhere. *grin* You know, honestly, most days I feel about 35. Not physically, mind you, but spiritually and emotionally. I really do. And then I move. Aaarrgghhh!! Anywayyyy......
Well, I am going to close out this post and get with it. I want to go buy some more yarn so I can get this afghan finished!!! The Lord's best to all of you!!!
(Becky, are you home yet??? Did you get me a cheesy souvenir?? *grin*)

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Theresa said...

I love the afghan so far! Looks like its going to be one of those really warm cuddly ones. I can relate to your comment about age versus mobility!!! I feel about 28, but if you ask my knees they'll say that its more like 102 ;)