Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Kitty of the house and Jaylon, too! :-)

So Ellie hasn't been pulling her fur out....thank the Lord....and she quit digging and scratching for awhile but started that back up sometime over the weekend. nephew told me to give her over-the-counter Benadryl tablets as they are safe for animals. He gives them to his dog.
Well, have you ever tried to get a cat to swallow a pill? It is nigh to impossible. Soooooo, I got a bright idea!!! Use the Benadryl spray on her and she'll end up trying to lick it off and it will end up inside of her eventually!!!
Well, in Ed and I.....sprayed her nether regions and back with it this morning and she has not been scratching or digging today. Yayyyy!!
But she has been scratching around her neck and ears, so I may have to rub some on her in that area as I don't want to get it in her eyes.
You may ask why we are going to these lengths. Well, I just don't want to pay anymore money to the vet. It's so expensive. AND this does seem to be working. I'll keep you posted.
Below are some really darling pictures of her....the cat of the house, that is. Ellie!! :-)
Oh, and we can't forget Jaylon! He's down there in a couple of cute pictures. It was raining on the morning I took these and he just looked so cute, sitting there looking so intently at two of his favorite books. (Can you tell I adore this little guy just a tad? *smile*)


Theresa said...

We use the children's benadryl liquid for our dog. It's much easier to squirt it in his mouth than to try to get him to swallow anything solid.

Barbara H. said...

I was about to mention the children's liquid Benadryl as well, wondering if she'd eat her food if you mixed it in there. We could put any kind of pill in a piece of hot dog or something and our dog would eat it. :-)

Jewel said...

Oh, I never thought of spraying it in her mouth. Thanks, you two!
Well, we have to remember that she is a cat, Barbara, so that means you don't mess with her food. She knows. :-)
She's doing much better just having had the Benadryl sprayed on her once, thankfully!

Barbara H. said...

I tagged you for a meme today, if you'd like to play along. :-)