Sunday, April 06, 2008

What is going on with me

I wondered just how much I should say here on my blog about what is going on with my health but then I considered that this is my journal, so here goes. I pray it isn't too personal for some of you. I'll endeavor to be discreet,k?
Well, first of all, after not hearing from Social Security by the last week of March, I went to their office in Lancaster only to find out that I was not in the system anywhere to be found BUT the people at the Lancaster office have been awesome in getting things going for me and I am not in the system, will receive my Medicare card in about two weeks. Now I am just waiting for my Humana card. (our supplement). THEN I will be able to begin having tests and so on for my back. In the meantime, another health issue has developed which means I will be having a hysterectomy at the end of April, first of May. It is not cancer, thankfully. Some of my "parts" are not where they used to be, if you get my drift, and are now going to be removed....some of them....and others put back where they belong! *feeble grin* This has added to my back pain, let me tell you. BUT I press on! You know, I sometimes feel like I am in this battle to see just how much pain and discomfort it is going to take for me to give up, to quit. With the help of the Lord, I have only missed two services in the three years since having to quit work because of the debilitating back pain and problems. I am still able to do hair for my ladies, teach home bible studies, teach piano lessons, and do music at church and I would do more if I could but I have to admit that I am limited.......oh, and did the choir sing and worship tonight!! We sang "What A Change" by IBC! It was awesome!!
So, I press toward the mark for the prize of the high calling of God in Christ Jesus!
We baptized Aaron tonight......a young man who comes to church through our outreach program that Bro. Cook helped us to start back in the fall. We have all just fallen in love with Aaron. His mother, grandmother and great-grandmother were there tonight to see him be baptized in the lovely name of Jesus and we prayed for his grandmother who has some serious health problems but we are trusting the Lord to heal her and do a wonderful work in her life!! It is so exciting to see the Lord working in our midst!!
I'll keep you posted and will endeavor to be more faithful to posting here. Some days, I just have to do what is necessary but I think of each of you, my blogging friends, and count it a blessing indeed to know you!!
Oh wait.....I almost forgot! It was SEVENTY-TWO sunny wonderful degrees today in our little valley!!! Spring is here and I am sooooo happy!! Everything is turning green and beginning to bud. How can I help but feel better,hm? I hope you are having wonderful weather where you are!!


Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hello Jewel,

I have just come across your blog for the first time. I would like to say, I enjoyed my visit here. The photo of little Zachary is so adorable, may God bless him all his life.

I have just read your post today, and I admire the level of activities you keep up, in spite of the health issues. You seem to have real purpose to your days, and I pray the Lord to help you continue to be active and to feel better.

Spring has not quite arrived where I am (Canada) but there are a few little signs. Today I saw snowdrops sprouting on a front lawn, and yesterday I saw a cardinal who sang such pure, sweet notes as I walked my dog in the morning.

I will be back to visit your charming blog again soon. I wish you all the best.


chantell said...

Sis. Jewel, you are a brave, beautiful woman. I just had to tell you that and also let you know that I am praying for you! :-)

Jewel said...

Hello, Lavinia and welcome! It is so good to meet you. I've not had a chance to visit your blog yet, but I certainly will. Thank you so much for the lovely thoughts and prayers. You sound much like me in that you enjoy the outdoors and spring so much.

Hi,Chantell, thank you for the sweet thoughts and prayers. I appreciate everyone's prayers so much. I truly believe that they are the reason that I am able to persevere.

Theresa said...

We will be keeping you in our prayers, Friend! If there is anything I can do to help you out, please let me know. (And I REALLY mean that!)

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Jewel, I just popped over to say hi. It's been a hectic day here and I haven't been able to post anything, but I have a couple of photos to scan for a post tomorrow (hopefully). I hope the Lord has blessed you with a good day today, and you are feeling better. Thanks for your interesting comments on my blog. The Lord works in mysterious ways and he is with us every minute. That was a comfort to me today!

Barbara H. said...

Warm clear spring days do a lot to affect how we feel, don't they? I am glad you are having some of those days now.

I hope your surgery goes well. I admire you for keeping up with the activities that you do.

Lavinia Ladyslipper said...

Hi Jewel...just taking a peek to see what is new down in your little valley....looking forward to your next post, and hope all is well with you.

Jewel said...

Hi Lavinia....thanks so much for stopping by. I have not been posting much of late but I am going to endeavor to be more faithful to it, as it is my way of journaling, so I must do it! I pray all is well with you!!