Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Diagnosis

Well, I had an MRI on my lower back last Monday and went to Dr. Gedeon for treatment and to get the results. I have two bulging/herniated discs and one degenerative disc. Also, the opening where the nerves come out of one of my vertebrae is getting smaller.....because of arthritis......therefore pressure is being put on the nerves, irritating them, causing swelling, which is causing pain. And because of the degenerative disc, one of my vertebrae is tending to slide a little forward into and toward my pelvis, which is not good. Sooo, he has suggested that our first course of action be in getting shots....NRSI....Nerve Root Sleeve Injections. These would hopefully help to alleviate the pain (though it is not guaranteed) and to diminish the inflammation so that some healing could take place. I want to start small and go from there, so surgery is not even a consideration at the present time. And I would want some other opinions also. Now I just have to wait for my appointment to be made. I'll keep you posted. There is so much information on the internet about the spine, back pain and so on. I have learned alot and I am hopeful that I will get better in time.

I had the pelvic utrasound last week.....that was special. *feeble grin* I go to Dr. Keller tomorrow afternoon to get the results of that and find out what we are going to do next. *sighhhhh*

You see, I am not one to go to the doctor. Never have been. I haven't been in the hospital since I gave birth to Daniel 21 years ago. AND I only started going to my family doctor regularly about two years ago when my blood pressure got a little high, so now I go every 3 or 4 months just to get that checked and get my prescription renewed for my blood pressure tablet which is 5mg of Enalipril a day. Probably if I lost weight I wouldn't even need that.

Anywayyyyyy......I will keep you posted!


Barbara H. said...

That picture sure looks like it would be painful!! I hope the shots are helpful and nothing else will be needed.

It's funny, when we were first married and having children, I went to the dr. for every little thing because as I was growing up we didn't and some things got worse (like a cut that got infected, causing me to lose a fingernail). But that got old quickly -- the time spent waiting, the unpleasantness of being examined, the fun tests and treatments -- so I tend to put off going these days, too. I am on a couple of medications that I have to be monitored for, so I go more often than I like. I am glad, though, to be living in the day of medicine that we're in with all the treatment options available -- I just wish we didn't need any of them. :-) Won;t that be great in heaven -- no more pain, doctor's appointments, medicines, exams!

Jewel said...

Oh, it will absolutely be wonderful, Barbara, when these mortal bodies put on immortality! I've always been healthy so this going to the doctor thing has really been an adjustment for me but I, too, am thankful that we have insurance, at last, and that I am able to get the care that I need!