Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Some Wednesday Randomness

Or, perhaps....."It's A Hard Habit to Break"!! :-) I mean, being used to posting randomness Wednesday, that is. Those of you who read my blog faithfully and were used to doing the RD each Wednesday will understand said comments.

It is a beeeyoootiful day in SE Ohio today!! Wow......let the sun shine in!!

First of all, several weeks ago I had mentioned wanting a blog button and Joyce at From This Side of the Pond emailed me to tell me that her sweet daughter Shannon makes blog buttons. Shannon has a cute blog at Sincerely Shannon and, after emailing her, she responded and said she would be happy to make me a blog button. She just needed some time to look around my blog and kind of get a feel of what would be fitting for me. I could hardly believe the end result!
It's amazing! Thank you so much, Shannon! Sorry for taking so long to acknowledge your wonderful gift to me!!!
Here is the blog button she made for me:

Again, thanks so much, Shannon for my new blog button!!
Okay, I have to take a couple of deep breaths here.

I.Cannot.Believe.That.Gretchen.Won.Project.Runway!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRR!!! Mondo was robbed!!!! There was no comparison!! None whatsoever!!!! Gretchen's clothes were so drab and boring!!! Oh.My.Word. I am 59 years old and wouldn't wear her drab, saggy stuff! Hello.

When something like this happens, I always say that am not going to watch the show next season! BUT I usually do. :-/ I just cannot believe that they picked Gretchen over Mondo. Sheesh!!!

I have a Michael Kors shirt hanging in my closet that I really like but I am about ready to offer it as a burnt offering in protest!

Jaylon has not been feeling very well, so Erin made an appointment for him yesterday and I met her at the doctor's office with little Jaylon.

The little guy has infection in both ears! No wonder he was whiney yesterday morning and wanted Grandma to hold him with his sippy cup and blanky.

AND does this little guy throw a fit at the doctor's office! Oh my!

When we got out of the car? He started crying and twisting in my arms but once we were in the waiting room and he saw the toys, he was fine.

But then the nurse came out and said, "Jaylon?" and he started in again, even when he was just getting weighed and having his temperature taken.

So we get settled in the examining room and all is fine until the doctor came in. Oh my. I had to hold both of his arms down while he examined his ears, nose, and throat and listened to his breathing. I had my hands full!

BUT, once the doctor scooted back away, Jaylon was fine. Those tears stopped like a water faucet being turned off and he even high-fived the doctor before we left.

And then he started crying and reaching for grandma when we left the doctor's office and he had to go with this mommy. BUT I just kissed him and told him goodbye and left. Whew. It took me a few minutes to recover. :-/

Anywayyyyy.....he is here now this morning, taking his morning nap and from what I can tell, he is feeling pretty good, even if his little ears aren't a 100%. But, hopefully, medicine and prayer will have them good as new in no time!

AND, hopefully, we won't be making any trips to the doctor again any time soon. *fingers crossed* :-)


I have a pot of chili simmering on the stove and I finished baking a double batch of oatmeal raisin cookies since Jaylon' s been sleeping this morning. I also started a load of clothes, got myself together for the day, so my day is off to a good start!


Oh, and my dear husband's birthday was October 17th! He turned 68! Instead of baking him a cake, I made him his favorite dessert....peach pie!!! And it turned out really good!! Thank heavens!!

Oh, yes....AND, lest I's the birthday boy!! :-)


Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

Gretchen.... so ridiculous!!! I just couldn't even believe it!! What were they thinking?!

Peach Pie... never had it. Too bad I don't live closer or I would come have a sample. Looks delicious!

Your Button... FABULOUS!!! I just love it!! I am seriously jealous!!!

Nel said...

I love the button. I am seriously going to learn how to do that. That is so cool. Eden was that way when she was his age about the doctor, maybe it has something to do with them being in NICU, maybe they remember the smell or the sounds or something. She has outgrown it PTL! Bless his heart, Eden went to the doctor one day last week and she had ear infections too. Allergies she is going to have a time with them. Hope Jaylon gets to feeling better! And you're pie looks good! I can almost smell it. lol
until next time... nel

Shannon said...

Thanks for the shout out! I am so glad you still like it! Your pie looks divine! Saying what you are thankful for each day this month is such a good idea btw. I'm going to steal it!

Barbara H. said...

What an adorable blog button!

Poor Jaylon. Hopefully he is on the mend. It is traumatic for moms and grandmoms as well as kids.

That pie looks scrumptious. Happy belated birthday to your hubby!