Thursday, November 11, 2010

Jaylon livin' life!! :-)

Jaylon was a cute little monkey for Halloween! And his daddy was just his handsome self, as you can see!! :-) And mommy was her pretty self but she is behind the camera so she is not visible! Gosh, that reminds me of someone else....ME!! Always behind the camera! Never in the pictures! *sigh*

Here's Ed and Jaylon playing with blocks. Jaylon loves his blocks, especially dumping them out onto the floor! That is his favorite part AND he is pretty good at helping me pick them up, too, thankfully!! But we do have to be a bit dramatic about putting them in the container, so as to make it alot of fun!!! :-)

Awwww...and when we were outside the other day, I was sitting in my rocking chair on the front porch when Jaylon came bringing me a pretty little pink flower that Ed had helped him pick! It was so precious!!

And these are pictures of Jaylon and Rocky down by the creek, one of their favorite places....with me right there with them....behind the camera!!! :-)


Andrea said...


Andrea said...

He is absolutely adorable!!!

Joyce said...

Hi Jewel... Cute pics of your little guy as always! My daughter is trying to get to the button tonite... She thinks it's because of the way she saved it on the Mac. Hopefully it will be working tomorrow but if not you could just link to my blog without using the button. I know by next week she'll have it sorted. I'm still learning : )

Jewel said...

Thanks, Joyce! :-) I have all confidence that the two of you will be able to get it worked out properly!! I'm still learning oh so much, too!!

Anonymous said...

Jewel, Jaylon is SO adorable. And I think we have So much in common. My Hunter man was a little monkey too. And.....looks like we both love Labs...I enjoy so much reading about your life. Have a blessed day...Tammy @ The Allen's World