Thursday, November 04, 2010

Giving Thanks Challenge - Day 4! :-)

It’s Day 4 of the Giving Thanks Challenge hosted by Leah at South Breeze Farm.

Today I am thankful for my two sisters and sisters-in-law! They took me out for my birthday dinner tonight and we had such an awesome time!! My birthday is coming up on Monday, November 8, but this was a good night for everyone to go out, so we did!

They took me to the new Golden Corral in Lancaster and it was very good!

We WERE each buying a set of bath towels for whoever's birthday it happened to be but we talked the last time we got together for my sister Debbie's birthday and discovered that we are all getting way stocked up on towels, sooooo we decided to buy gift cards to Walmart instead, or wherever the birthday girl would like them from.

These wonderful women gave me some of the most beautiful cards! I will cherish them!!

It just seems that as we have all gotten older and our children have married, had children of their own and so on, that we five have gotten closer and really appreciate and enjoy our time together when we go out.

But now there isn't another birthday to celebrate until May! We will be having our family get-together for the holidays on December 11 and my two sisters, two brothers and our spouses go out for lunch on New Year's Eve Day, which is always a special time, so we will still be seeing plenty of each other. :-)
And I think we've discussed and agreed that we will probably do dinner out together sometime in February just for the fun of it! :-) The sisters and sisters-in-law, that is! :-)


Barbara H. said...

That's neat that you can live close enough to get together!

Joyce said...

Happy Birthday Jewel! My sister's birthday is today and my brothers is on Tuesday. Enjoy your weekend!