Sunday, May 09, 2010

Mothers Day 2010

I was minding my own business Friday morning, getting myself ready for the day, when Ed arrives back home, comes in the house and tells me that I have a package on the front porch.

Hmmm....I didn't order anything from anywhere....for once. *grin*

So, I go outside and there is a big green Pro Flowers box and immediately tears come to my eyes.


I bring the box in and begin opening it and inside are beautiful flowers in a vase, a box of chocolates and a set of bath and body lotions, gels, etc. accompanied by a lovely card. (Those people at Pro Flowers know how to do it right. *smile*)

What made this really special for me was the fact that I had talked with my sister Debbie earlier in the week and told her that Erin had gotten me three new lotions from Bath and Body Works, which I love. She had given them to me Tuesday evening and told me Happy Mothers Day and so I brought my lotions home and really didn't expect anything else come Mothers Day, as Daniel has always been a bit "touch and go" with my special days, though it seems he always remembers his dad's special days. :-)

Well, the boy proved me wrong this time, hm? :-) PLUS, I had watched some Mothers Day special segments on TV that morning and was teary-eyed to begin with, so when Daniel's flowers arrived, I was ready for a full-blown cry fest. LOL

He came in later that morning, before going golfing, and saw that I had gotten my flowers and, again, I had "leaky" eyes. He wrapped those big ole biceps around me and said, "Aw, Mom...don't cry...I love you, Mom." And planted a kiss on my forehead. *sigh*
AND as an added blessing, Daniel, Erin, and little Jaylon surprised us by coming to church at our church last night!!!! Yayyy!! It was sooooo wonderful to be in service with them AND little Jaylon, to worship together and Daniel accompanied me on the drums. Oh my. I never cease to be amazed at how gifted he is and how much he adds to my playing with HIS playing.
Daniel and Erin also sang a special duet in service. It was absolutely beautiful.
Their voices blend so well together. It is so wonderful to worship the Lord together with our children and grandson.
Later, we went to KFC for a bite to eat before coming home on a lovely Sunday evening. *sigh*

And that was my Mothers Day! It was great! :-)
I want to finish this post by remembering my precious, little Mama.

She may have been small in stature but she was a loving, strong, and determined little giant in my eyes.

How I miss her and the joy she brought to my life. BUT, as long as my sister Debbie is living, Mom will be among us. :-)

But I do see little things in me that are like Mom and sometimes I "hear" Mom in the things that I say. :-)

Below is my favorite picture of Mom.

I hope all of you ladies had a wonderful Mothers Day!!


Stephani said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day! I am so glad for you! ~ I must say your mother looks like a bundle of love. I bet she gave good ((HUGS)) too!

Barbara H. said...

What a sweet, sweet Mother's Day in every respect! Your mom looks like a fun lady.

Angie's Ad Lib said...

That is the sweetest picture ever! She looks like she was a lot of fun!

I'm so glad Daniel came through this Mom's Day! Love when those boys surprise us. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day, so did I.

Have a great week, Jewel!