Sunday, May 16, 2010

All around the Cavinee house

Jaylon is playing quietly, so I thought I would begin composing a post, which I may not post until later. Usually I sit down and try to do one complete post all at once and by the time I upload pictures (dial-up..grrrrrrr) and compose my post, it has taken me forever, it seems!!

Sooooo, I'm going to try a new tactic: I'm going to do a post in small bits and pieces and just post it when I get finished.

AND I want to apologize for not commenting on your blogs lately but I just haven't had the time. I do still come by and visit/read and I want so much to leave a comment but sometimes my internet is sooooo sluggish, I get frustrated, and I just can't leave a comment, but do know that I love coming by to read what you have to say!!

Many days, you ARE my social life!!!! :-) Seriously!!!
Hey! I'm back! I typed the above on Thursday and it is now Saturday! See what I mean? Argh! But I am going to finish this post and POST it before I get up from this chair! Well, unless some unforseen emergency prevents it! :-)

I have been getting some long-put-off-tasks done of late! Yay for me! AND I've been doing them on the Fridays and Saturdays when I don't have little Jaylon here.

For example: Underneath my kitchen sink! Finally. It is clean and organized.

And the cupboard where I keep dishes and containers and so on. Clean and organized. At last.

Here's a picture of our bedroom, which I mentioned in a Wednesday's Random Dozen a couple of weeks ago, as being my favorite room in the house. *sigh* Yes, it is. :-)

Daniel, Erin, some other young people and I practiced music Thursday night in preparation for a youth rally, which was held at our church last night.

Here is Jaylon playing drums with his daddy. :-)

AND Jaylon and I went with Ed to get a load of wood for this coming winter. As you can see in the picture below, Jaylon loves helping Grandpa get wood! :-)

We girls went out to dinner to celebrate Cheryl's (my twin brother, Johnny's wife) birthday! We enjoyed a delicious meal at Millstone BBQ here in Logan. We shared such a wonderful time of good food, conversation and just catching up on one another's lives and families. Two of our nieces and great-nieces joined us, too. And we carry on the traditional. :-)

That's an older picture of us girls, taken back in November when we celebrated my birthday, but we haven't changed much. :-)
And, lastly, the newest addition to the Peters' family.....little Hayley, who eventually was lulled to sleep by our conversation as we enjoyed our dinner....AND after she was passed from one to another like a little sack of 'tatas. :-)

I pray you are having a wonderful weekend and that the sun is shining where you are but if it is not, that you still have the light of Jesus illuminating the moments of your life. ((HUGS))


Sir Nottaguy-Imadad said...

I can relate to your frustration about dial-up. Been there, done that, don't care to go back.

This time of years, everyone is busy, busy, busy.

Barbara H. said...

Jaylon seems like he got more hair all of a sudden, and it is lighter!

Theresa said...

If you run out of cabinets to clean and organize and you want to help an old friend out.... lol

I love the matching expressions of concentration on Jaylon's and Daniel's faces while they are drumming.

Angie said...

Oh, clean wish! I've actually got my college daughter tasked with getting those in order for me this summer. (For a little extra cash in her pocket and a little extra peace in my mind!)

Love your bedroom color!

Dial-up??? You poor thing. I will really really appreciate when you post and comment now. :)

Thanks for stopping by and checking up on me.