Saturday, September 27, 2008

My girlfriends, Pam and Jody, and I went to Sonic last night for some refreshment and they each ordered a $.99 banana split! I thought...."Wow, what a bargain! I'm gonna have to bring Ed here 'cause he loooooves banana splits AND a bargain." Little. did. I. know. Here, folks, is the world's smallest banana split......TADA!!!!

Me? I had a strawberry-banana smoothie! Yum! They are the best!!


Theresa said...

I suppose if you like banana splits, and just wanted enough to get you by, that would be about right. The WonderHusband, however, would destroy about $10 worth of them and still want more!

I have never eaten at a Sonic, yet. Mrs. Lemon tells me that their cherry-limeade is the best.

Jewel said...

I would never order a banana split myself because I don't really care for sweets that much. I like DQ's tropical blizzard and their Waffle Bowl Turtle Sundae...I mean, if I'm gonna have something sweet! *smile*
The thing is, Ed thinks he is going to get a full-size banana split for $.99! Little does he know! I can't wait to take him and see the look on his face when he gets this little teensy-weensy banana split!! *smile*