Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Just what I thought!

No, I haven't fallen off the face of the earth....*little grin* I am still here. This morning, Ed and I went to Circleville where I had an appointment with a back surgeon, Dr. Bassoro. Now, last Friday I went to see Dr. Gedeon, my chiropractor, and I asked him if he thought I should still keep this particular appt., which his office had made for me, as it has been said that I need to have my hips taken care of first before having any procedures done on my back. He (Dr. Gedeon) said that I should still keep the appointment and see what he has to say.
Sooooo, Ed and I went on our way this morning with my trusty x-rays and MRI's in hand. I was in the examining room for maybe, mayyybeeee five minutes. I'm not kidding. Dr. Bassoro came in, after looking at my x-rays and MRI's and said that I definitely needed to have my hips taken care of first, asked if I had arrangements to take care of them...yes, I do....and proceeded to tell me that I am more than welcome to call him after they are all taken care of.
See? I knew that was what was going to happen! And I paid $30 to have him tell me that? This is what kind of gets me about the medical profession. If you aren't careful, you get sent here and there and everywhere and I so don't like it.
The doctor was very nice and understanding but $30? Oh well......the next time I WILL cancel the appointment. AND I just have to reiterate here that my hips still would not be an issue had I not asked to have them x-rayed. *sigh* BUT I am so hopeful that I am going to feel soooo much better once they are fixed!! I can hardly wait! Not that I am looking forward to the surgery, being laid up and so on BUT after having lived with this pain....(nooo, not ED.....*grin*.....the hips, people, the hips AND back....AND legs...) for so long..... I just can't imagine being able to walk without my walker and all. Yayyyyyyyy!!!
Just please pray for me and with me because I am beginning to have some difficulty with my left knee and I know it is because of the concessions I am having to make because of the pain in my hip. *feeble grin* I don't know how I manage to laugh about all of this but I just can't help myself sometimes because it is like first it was my back, then my hips, now my knee. A couple of weeks ago it was my right wrist and hand from leaning on my walker. Last week my left arm was killing me. Sunday night my left shoulder kept me awake and my right hand was hurting and tingly. Somebody shoot me!!!! LOL
Someone told me that they heard of a horse that had what I have and they found just the cure for it.......and you know that rest of THAT story and it involves bullets. No thank you.......LOL
I'd rather compare myself to the old addage....."You can't keep a good horse down...." thank you very much. *smile*
Anywayyy.....with the help of the Lord.....I press on....well, more like "hobble on"......but I do. The joy of the Lord truly is my strength!


Barbara H. said...

That is sooo frustrating to be sent to a dr. just to be told what you already knew -- and then to have to pay him for it!!

I am starting that already -- a knee hurting one time, a shoulder another. You mean it is only going to get worse? :-)

Jewel said...

Sorry to be the bearer of bad news, Barbara..*grin*....but yes, it....yours and my aging body could get worse before they get better! Isn't aging wonderful? LOL