Thursday, May 01, 2008

Hello, it's meee......oh, oh, oh, ohhhhhh you remember that old song???? "Hello, it's me.....I've thought about us for a long, long time...." I looked it up and it is by Todd Rundgren but I'm not sure of what year it came out. Probably many moons ago if I remember it!
It is probably because I am musically inclined, but more often than not, when I am talking, I am reminded of songs ALLLLLL of the time! And I'll just start singing them. Daniel has always said that I have a song for everything. We've even played this game in the past where he will just say something to see if I can come up with a song to go with whatever he said and more often than not I have. Ed and I do this alot, too. We'll say something that reminds us of a song and we'll just start singing it, sometimes almost in unison. Great minds think alike!

Welllll.....I am off to see Dr. Detty this afternoon. He will doing the surgery that I am having. *feeble grin* On the plus side, he was the doctor that delivered Daniel twenty-one years ago and he is great.

Also, this evening I will be singing and playing for the annual Hocking Valley Community Hospital Volunteer Appreciation Dinner at Lee's Banquet Haus here in Logan. This is the first performance for me in about three years, outside of church. But I just want so much to do this because I do love to sing and play and then to see the pleasure that it brings to people, is such a blessing. I will be playing mostly........ dinner music. After the program and awards presentation, I will be singing. I've chosen: Hero, You've Got A Friend, Wind Beneath My Wings and Because You Loved Me.
Ed is going to take my keyboard and sound system up this afternoon and get everything set up for me. I can hardly believe that I used to lug all of this stuff around myself and set it up. I did! longer, of course. Depending on how I fare this evening, I may decide to perform at the Lilyfest once again this year. I haven't for the past two years because of health problems, but I would surely love to. We'll see.
Well, I had best be off. I have a busy day and I must pace myself. Again, I haven't been posting as much as I used to because I must do the necessary things first and many days I'm just not up to much more than that. I am praying that I can accomplish all that I have planned for today. *fingers crossed* *smile*


Stace said...

Sounds like so much fun! I've actually just taken up singing lessons again, after an 8-year break :)

Jewel said...

Hi, Stace! It is fun.....well, after I've started, that is. Beforehand, I still get a bit stressed and nervous. But once I get started, it usually flows pretty well.

Barbara H. said...

I'd love to hear you sing some time! Someone ought to rig up a video.

It sounds like fun. I get nervous before anything, too, but once I get started I am ok (speaking, not singing -- I don't think I could sing in public!)

Jewel said...

Well, I never thought of doing that, Barbara. I am going to have to work on that. You know, I am not very good at getting up in front of people and talking, nor standing behind a microphone singing, because I am always behind a piano or keyboard, meaning I have something in front of me, between me and my audience. But the Lord does indeed help me. I couldn't do it without Him.