Monday, May 19, 2008

A couple of home improvements

I finally found a new quilt that I like! AND would you believe that I found it at Dollar General??? Yes!! Meaning, I didn't have to pay an arm and a leg for it. $35!!! And there is a bit of a story behind this. I had seen this quilt set in the store several weeks ago, had the money to buy it, but just wasn't feeling very good and didn't feel like buying it. (Is this a woman thing?) the meantime,I bought my sister Debbie a beautiful like-new twin quilt and sham set at our ladies' yearly 25-cent indoor yard sale. Yes, I bought it for ONE QUARTER. Well, some time after this AND especially after I discovered that Ed had used my other quilt to line the trunk of our car!! For what reason I do not know! .....anywayyyyy....some time after this, I knew I needed to be getting a quilt for our bed because it was getting too warm to keep the comforter on much longer. So I went back to Dollar General not really believing that I was going to find this quilt set because it had been soooo long since I had first seen it. I was in alot of pain this particular day but pushed myself to get out and do some errands. I went into Dollar General to where they keep the bedding and sure enough it wasn't there. *sigh* They didn't have ANY quilt sets, BUT I thought I would just take a look-a-round to see if maybe they had been put some place else by mistake or something. AND in just a little while I found ONE quilt set shoved in on a shelf among a mishmash of stuff (you know how some of those D&G stores can get!) AND it was a QUEEN set! Now just what do you think of that? I think the Lord put that quilt set right there for me. I do. I had just enough money to buy this particular set. It was just what I had been looking for (had a kind of antique look to it, was the right color). Isn't that just how the Lord is? "Delight thyself also in the Lord and He shall give thee the desires of thine heart."
AND we purchased a new area rug for the living room to just kind of brighten it up for the springtime. Ellie wouldn't even walk on it for a few days for whatever reason......she's a cat maybe? *grin* Her heat register is underneath the upper righthand corner and you know how cats don't like change BUT she got over it after a few days and snuggled her furry body right over the register when the furnace came on. I knew she would cave! *smile*

Anywayyyy....just a couple of new things to brighten up the house and all can lift the spirits, you know? *smile* Oh, and I STILL haven't found this picture that I bought several months ago!! I'm serious! I think I blogged about it awhile back BUT just in case I didn't......I bought this lovely picture from a dear lady at church who was having a home party of some sort. Well, I bought this picture, brought it home and stashed it somewhere until I decided where I was going to put it AND I haven't seen it or been able to find it since!!! Argh! And my house is organized and tidy. Ask Pat! *smile* I've looked everywhere! Well, apparently not EVERYWHERE or I would have found it by now but I don't know where else to look! (this is happening more and more....*feeble grin*) I'll keep you posted on the "mystery of the missing picture".
Have a wonderful Monday everyone!!


Barbara H. said...

The quilt set and rug are beautiful! How neat that the Lord saved the quilt for you! I need to go look around Dollar General!!

Jewel said...

Thanks, Barbara.....yes, He is ever mindful of us, hm? Yes, you just never know what you might find at DG! *smile*

Theresa said...

That is a gorgeous quilt set, Jewel! I love when those God moments happen like that. :)

Jewel said...

Hi Theresa...thank you, thank you and it is made in a kind of rustic know what I mean? I just love it! Yes, He is so mindful of us, hm?