Monday, February 25, 2008

Hello, Everyone!

Yes, I am still among the living. *smile* It's been a rough couple of weeks but hopefully, prayerfully, things (my body in particular) are on the upswing. I mean, come HAS to get better!
Anywayyyy.......I finally got the prizes from the big bloggy giveaway sent out! Next time, IF I participate, I'm going gift cards all the way! To give away, that is! The first reason being that I had no idea of just how much it would cost to send a couple of rather small packages! Whew!! AND the second reason being that for some reason, Ed just couldn't get the peanut butter fudge right and ended up throwing out three batches! This just isn't like him! He had only used this particular recipe one other time, so after making some adjustments on the cooking time and so on, he finally got a really good batch AND the chocolate fudge with pecans was his very best ever! Yum! I wanted to keep it! BUT I didn't. I mailed it all the way to the west coast! Both of the ladies who won, live on the west coast. Congratulations, ladies!!
As you can see, I have been playing around with my blog appearance. I am ready for spring!!! We have had snow, freezing rain, and ice. Then ice, freezing rain, and snow. Or maybe it was in reverse. It doesn't matter. We've had a seige of winter weather, including very cold temps and more is on the way I hear. Here are a couple of pictures of the weather we had last week. I do love the snow!

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Last week at church, we had Pastor Appreciation. I know, I know. It normally is in October, but October just hasn't worked for us the past couple of years and besides, this way it can be more of a surprise for Pastor and Sis. Martin because they don't know WHEN to expect it! *smile* was a wonderful day and week for them!
Pastor Clark Baker from Hamilton, Ohio, preached in the morning service and what a beautiful presence of the Lord was there! When contacting him to speak, I had forgotten that he had such a rich apostolic history with our church. His father, Bro. Bob Baker, along with his siblings came into the church in Logan many, many years ago under Bro. Stanley Hanby, who started the church here in his home. My, my. It was very moving to hear Bro. Baker tell of the spiritual history of his family here in Logan. And how fitting that he was the speaker on Pastor Appreciation Sunday.
Sunday evening, Bro. Jim Phillips from Nelsonville UPC preached and again, it was awesome! There was such a spirit of victory in our midst! Bro. Phillips is married to Sis. Neda who is also a part of the Baker family. She is Bro. Clark Baker's first cousin. I didn't even put all of this together when praying about who to have speak that day. The Lord has a way of just weaving it all together for good, doesn't He?
We had a carry-in dinner after the morning service and you talk about some wonderful food!!! Oh, Hallelujah!!! LOL I wish I had taken pictures of everything, but I'm sorry to say that I didn't. I'm not sure if anyone did. I'm usually the resident picture taker. *sigh*
Pastor and Sis. Martin received many wonderful cards and tokens of appreciation and the church family gave them a special gift of dinner, a night's stay and breakfast at Shaw's Inn in Lancaster, Ohio.
I pray I still have some readers left after having been absent from my blog for so long. I will endeavor to get back to regular posting as of today!!!


Jana Dolan said...

Welcome Back! Glad you had a great weekend...sounds like you were busy! Hope you get to feeling better...

Rochelle said...

Glad to hear you are okay! Hope you are back to 100% soon!

Theresa said...

Glad you're back!!! I love the way God pulls things together for His kids!

Oh, BTW, there is this wonderful new young couple attending our church. The Days moved from your church due to a job transfer. They are precious!

Barbara H. said...

Glad to hear you are doing a little better! Your new design looks nice -- love the header picture.

Jewel said...

Hello everyone....
Jana...yes, no matter how I am feeling, there is always things that need to be done and I somehow manage to do them with the help of the Lord and my dear husband.
Rochelle....thanks, Rochelle, keep praying for me, k?
Hi Theresa, yes, Mike and Dawn are a sweet young couple. She is a beautiful and gifted signer so I hope she can be used in that area in your church and she has a sweet voice. Bro. Mike plays the drums and is a prayer-warrior. We were really sad to see them go but understand completely. Tell them both that I said hello,k?
Hi Barbara....thank you but I am not sure that I am done just yet. *grin* There still might be some changing going on!