Friday, April 09, 2010

Easter pictures of "You-Know-Who"!!! :-)

Whoever said eating a marshmallow bunny on a stick was easy? :-)

I'd post a bunch of words with these pictures but sometimes I just can't find the right ones to express what is filling up my heart to almost bursting.
But one thing I can say is: Do you see why I love this little guy so much? *sigh* He's just so stinking cute and lovable!!! :-)
AND he'll be here in about fifteen minutes so I have to get this posted!!! There's not much time for blogging or anything computer-related when his little hands he is here! :-)


Joyce said...

I love the marshmallow picture...he is for sure adorable! Enjoy!

Mr. and Mrs. Nurse Boy said...

That second photo had me laughing out loud! And, that tie makes him look like such a big boy! He is precious!!! You are a blessed woman!

Mrs. NB

Jewel said...

Hi Joyce and Mrs. NB!! Thanks for the nice comments about my grandbaby! :-) Hope you are both having a blessed Monday!

Barbara H. said...

Totally cute!! Love the dress shirt and tie.

Stephani said...

I love that tie! It must be bunches of fun to be a grandma!

Theresa said...

The stretchy marshmallow bunny ear was soooo funny! Jaylon is just growing up so fast. I think its time for Grandma and Grandpa to bring him up for a visit to Mt. Vernon. (He and Eva can play!)

Jewel said...

Hi Barbara! Thanks....I love it when he gets dressed up! :-)
Being a grandma is more wonderful than I could have ever imagined, Stephani. Now I know what other grandmas were talking about. :-)
Hi, Theresa! yes, I would love to make a trip up north to see all of you AND bring the boy! We'll just have to do it! Soon!