Thursday, May 07, 2009

The Kitty of the house

Here's Ellie, sulking in her box, as she stares at Ed holding little Jaylon. Ellie's box is in the kitchen but she has a clear view from here of Ed sitting in my chair in the living room as he holds the baby. *smile*
And here is Ed playing with little Jaylon one afternoon....
.....and look who is sitting down by his knee with her back to him and the baby, sulking again.
But please....don't feel sorry for Ellie.....she gets plenty of attention. She does. She just wants it ALL. She's a cat. AND not just any cat. She's the Kitty of the House! *smile*


Denise said...

I understand, my cat precious is just like that.

Jewel said...

AND there is no changing them, hm? *smile* Cats will be cats! LOL